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Has anyone really recovered from depression??

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LottieG Fri 27-May-05 13:52:39

I hate posting this, because I HATE being this depressed person. Basically I've struggled with D since I was a child. I am sick of it.

Is it possible to recover, once and for all? If so, HOW??


dot1 Fri 27-May-05 14:04:19

This probably isn't going to help... I haven't suffered from depression but my dp has - she got PND about 3 years ago, recovered within about 6 months, but then got depression last Autumn which she's more or less through now.

So I've come to think of it as being like any other major physical illness - you know when you break something and although the break can heal pretty quickly, there's always a bit of a niggle - you're worried it's not as strong as it was - or there's a scar etc. I think depression's a bit like that. It's a vulnerable bit of yourself that can be more easily damaged than the rest of you. Dp and I have recognised that she's much worse in the Autumn/Winter, so we're going to get a lightbox to see if that helps next year. She's also started cycling to work - exercise helps her. So I think you need to have strategies to cope with it and acknowledge and accept its existence so recurrences can be picked up quickly. For the time being - and for who knows how long - it's part of who dp is (like I'm the one who always gets really horrible flu-like annoying colds!).

Sorry, I'm probably only telling you what you already know if you've had it for so long... but good luck in the future!

LottieG Fri 27-May-05 14:08:22

Thanks for replying dot.

I just can't stand the idea that it will be like this forever.

dot1 Fri 27-May-05 14:23:10

Have you talked to your GP - tried different medications? dp has responded really well both times to Sertraline. Also when it came back this time we took the plunge to change her circumstances - she was at home full-time with both kids and it just wasn't right for her. So we worked out how much she'd need to earn to cover childcare for 2 days a week and basically started applying for anything 2 days a week in admin. She sent off for 6 things and ended up getting one of them - it's not the most challenging, creative job in the world and it only just covers the cost of childcare but it gets her out of the house (on her bike!) and meeting other people who aren't 'just' Mums...

I don't know what you do but maybe a change of scene life-wise would help? Anything just to mix things up a bit?

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