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Could I still have PND more than 2 years on?

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walkie Mon 17-Aug-09 16:35:11

I'm trying to find out if I might still have PND. I have 2.5yr old twin boys, good pregnancy considering, but complicated emergency c-section delivery/babies SCBU/ me ITU. PND diagnosed at 9 weeks, after which when I went with boys & DH to stay with family who helped us for three weeks.

Problem is, even now I still feel incredibly guilty for stopping bf, having c-section and not really enjoying the baby-days. None of it was what I had hoped or planned. I am still so absorbed by it all and get quite anxious from time to time, and I wondered if perhaps it is lingering PND - can it go on this long (I was on low dose of Citlopram for about 6 mths; went back to hospital to discuss birth and had a few counselling sessions).

I get quite jealous of friends with babies, can't decide whether it would be right to have more. Just feel like I need to get whole birth/early months experience into perspective, as I really think it is holding me back. I really miss my babies, but they are growing into such wonderful little boys.

Does anybody know if this could still be PND or is this just adjusting to family life? Thanks

ilikeshoes Tue 18-Aug-09 10:54:08

I think you are coping better than you think, i was on citolapram for 4 years cant believe it really, I think you just need time its great healer, you are obviously doing a fantastic job and its quite normal to have worries about having more children i no i want more but are so worried about the pnd returning, my sisters due to have her baby in a few months and i am deeply jealous in a nice waysmile.Perhaps you could try more counselling to try and put things into perspective for you.

cac04 Wed 19-Aug-09 23:24:22

Hi Walkie

I too have suffered with PND after both of mine, my son now nearly 4. He was born with Cleft lip and palate, and has had endless operations etc since. Then my daughter arrived just under 2 years ago, and I am now only clawing myself out of the PND with excellent counselling and support from friends. I had a second child after having had a tough time with my first - and i am so glad i did!

Hope that helps!


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