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Coming off Fluoxetine

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PollyFlinders Fri 14-Aug-09 22:09:09

I thought I'd post because I'm coming off Fluoxetine after taking it for 9 months. I cut down to half doses (10mg down from 20mg) and then to every other day and finally stopped taking it 10 days ago. It's taken 7 weeks in total.

I'm struggling with insomnia so so badly. Have never had problems sleeping before, whatever my state of mind, but if I wake in the night it sometimes takes 2-3 hours to get back to sleep. I've got a small baby so the lack of sleep is a problem anyway - plus if he wakes for one short feed in the night, it knocks out my sleep by another few hours.

I'm also feeling quite a rush of energy at the same time, am thinking that this might be adrenaline, or whatever hormone the anti-depressants 'flattened' down surging back through my body.

Has anybody else had similar experiences and do they pass?


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