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GP won't diagnoise my Mum - what can I do now?

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Metrobaby Wed 12-Aug-09 22:13:01

I think my mum is suffering from Alzhemiers or dementia or severe depression. I have noticed a big change in her personality and a couple of years back and thanks to some very kind mumsnetters they suggested it could be that she is suffering from depression which helped me to understand her behaviour at the time.

I write now though as over the last few months she seems to have got far worse. To summarise she:-

1 Keeps forgetting dates, where she has left her things
2. She accuses my Dad of hiding or stealing misplaced things
3. She has grown increasingly suspicious of everyone
4. She thinks everyone she knows is talking about her
5. She has lost lots of weight
6. She does not sleep v well - often up in the early hours of the morning. She constantly looked drained and tired
7. She believes my Dad is trying to poison her
8. She becomes irrational over small things
9. She thinks her neighbours amd the general public constantly watch her
10. She has become violent with my Dad - punching him and has even threatened him with a knife. (There are holes in the wall from where she has thrown things)

My Dad is reaching breaking point as he can't cope. He persuaded my Mum to see our family GP who also happens to be a friend of theirs. However after the Dr talked with my Mum, the only suggestion to my Mum that she should talk more regularly with the Priest! The Dr won't diagnoise my Mum and doesn't think my Mum has a problem at all.

I have a sister too and she also is as worried about my Mum. FWIW a family friend also in the medical profession expressed concern about my Mum's mental health.

Unfortunately, my Mum will not acknowledge she has a problem at all - and in fact flys into a rage if there is so much of a hint that she could be suffering from anything mentally related as she believes such things don't exist sad. She also refuses to take medication.

I am so worried about this sudden change in her behaviour as it has got worse and she is very unhappy.

Please if anyone can tell me what I can do - even on a support basis - I would be really grateful

If you have read this far thanks for being patient.

GodzillasBumcheek Wed 12-Aug-09 22:37:29

Hi, bumping your post mainly, as i'm not sure what you should do.

My mum has Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia, so i know where you're coming from. It does sound very likely from what you have said. Is there any way you could get a second opinion? If so, get them to do a home visit if possible, as we had the experience with my mum that if you took her to the surgery she would just say there is nothing wrong and anything she did would be out of context.

HTH and you get more replies.

staggerlee Fri 14-Aug-09 18:37:29

Hi Metro, I work in mental health services and I would be concerned about her symptoms too.

Its often difficult to differentiate between depression/dementia in older people but your mum needs a specialist assessment/opinion.

If your GP isn't being helpful contact your local council or NHS (google your area and you should get the websites). If your mum is over 65 ask for the Older Adults Mental Health Team and if shes under 65 ask for the Community Mental Health Team covering your address and/or GP. Contact them and explain exactly what your concerns are. I think they will take your concerns seriously and should arrange an appointment and/or visit.

Best of luck

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