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DP on prozac

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makipuppy Wed 05-Aug-09 13:06:32

DP is the great white hope in a family with a hefty history of mental illness, mainly schizophrenia. He has had manic depressive episodes and has been diagnosed as bipolar by one doc and not, by a different one. He's always been completely open about this. He took something for the bipolar disorder very briefly but stopped because it damped him down too much. He's overcome it, very successfully, with self-discipline, and is strong, fit and successful. He would also say he battles depression daily and that it's 'not easy being him'.

Last night I found a capsule in his jeans pocket and asked him what it was (he never even takes aspirin) and he sheepishly, but openly, said it was prozac and he's been taking it on and off but trying to stop. We don't generally keep stuff from each other, and live so much in each other's pockets he must have made quite an effort to keep the pills hidden. He said he kept it from me to spur him on to come off them.

But why should he feel he has to come off them if he needs them? Why hide them? I come from a family of Polyannas, so this is quite alien to me.

I've just said he doesn't need to hide anything from me and I will support him in anything.

How does prozac affect personality? Sex drive? How long are you supposed to be on it?

I'd really appreciate any thoughts as I think my way around this.

tammybear Wed 05-Aug-09 13:21:32

I have been on prozac. I had a breakdown of some sorts, which depressed me severly. I was waiting for counselling, but was told it would be a few months before I got round to seeing anyone. They said if I really needed something to help me at the time, prozac was my best option. I wasn't happy about it. It was more that I was relying on it to help me, than to be doing it for myself if you get what I mean. But I'm quite stubborn when it comes down to it, and was determined to get myself out of my depression myself.

I can't really offer any advice on the personality and the sex drive, but you can be on prozac for as long as you think you need it, or that your GP recommends. Maybe he is battling similar thoughts that I had, that as he was able to successful overcome bipolar on his own, then he can do the same with the depression, but some people can find it tough stopping.

Sorry if this isn't any help at all! But thought I'd say something.

pasturesnew Wed 05-Aug-09 13:33:14

My DH had prozac a number of years ago, he found it helpful to get through the worst part of his depression but he did not like being on it as he said it reduced his sex drive and felt odd in other ways. He thought it was worth it but now is v diligent with exercise to keep his mental health in a good state. I have also heard good things about cognitive behavioural therapy. But as I understand it, the anti-depressents are worth having in the first place and should be taken as prescribed to give them a chance to work properly.

MitchyInge Wed 05-Aug-09 20:44:54

I'm a pollyanna but have bipolar - he should not be taking prozac if he has had episodes of mania, not without supervision and something to reduce the risk of manic relapse. Easy for me to say because for someone with a depressive illness I rarely get depressed, but have been there and fear it more than anything else.

sorry no experience of prozac but I know that anorgasmia is a common side effect - google fluoxetine if you want more info about it but he needs to see someone and tell them about the possibility that he has bipolar

MitchyInge Wed 05-Aug-09 20:47:25

did he buy it over the internet or was it prescribed? is v irresponsible for a dr to prescribe an SSRI alone to someone who has this diagnosis, even an ambiguous diagnosis as in his case

makipuppy Wed 05-Aug-09 21:43:10

He was prescribed it by his doctor. He has been treated for depression over the years but says things have got progressively better as he's got older and as he's learned to identify the signs. He hasn't had manic episodes since I've known him, but now looking back he can identify times when his behaviour has been extreme, particularly with him feeling invincible.

I know the doctors he goes to and wouldn't go there myself as they seem to have doctors who know nothing. He went there with the report on his semen when we were ttc (analysed at a private clinic) and the doc said 'she hadn't done it at college'. Extraordinary.

There is an issue with his sex drive, so I'll check that out a bit more.

What upsets me is that he has seemed so stable and happy, with the baby and everything, and now I think it wasn't down to me or us, but a pill. I'm sure this is an overreaction though.

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