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AD's did not help, my supposed PND. What do I try next ?

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Oblomov Sun 02-Aug-09 16:38:18

O.k. so I am definitely struggling. But I don't think I have PND. Or maybe I am thus in more denial than I think !!
My dh does not think I have pnd. Neither does my mum. Or my 2 best friends. But they all accept that I am struggling.
My Gp does not think I have PND either, but thinks I am struggling. I have seen 3 gp'S over this.
I have tried 2 ad's. One was ciroplan, I think. Lots of seratinin, right ? Didn't help. Then my Gp said she was concerned, that it was tooo strong and that I didn't have PND, just struggling. She did the edinburgh test again, and I was very low. So she gave me a weeker one and I weaned of them, over a period of 10 days.
I feel good. Love ds2. Go out and laugh alot. look forward to things.sleep great. eat well.
So I cry from time to time. I shout at ds1 aged 5. But not for no reason. For very good reasons. He drives me insane. But I shouldn't lose it/shout as much / as violently as I do.
I asked for anger management but it has very very long waiting.
So where do I go from here ?

wezz Sun 02-Aug-09 16:48:48

Are you planning on going back to work? It might be what you need

scottishmummy Sun 02-Aug-09 16:54:05

so no one as diagnosed PND,but you are anxious does your area offer IAPT there are selected IAPT sites ask your GP if you qualify

you need to give AD a few weeks to kick in and work.if that is how you continue

do you have good support,friends/family
has something changed or any triggers

hope things resolve

Oblomov Sun 02-Aug-09 17:36:19

wezz, begin october, for 2 days a week. can't wait. my bf and my mum think it will be the making of me.scottish, I have no support, have booked ds2 into creche one morning a week, which has helped a bit.
I did give the ad's plenty of time, but they did nothing.
will check out links, thank you.

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