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Worried about my partner & his feelings

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fairybubbles Sat 01-Aug-09 21:34:24

My partner has been very stressed lately due to some pressures at work. Since these pressures began, he has had a really short temper, he really blows things out of proportion. (always been a bit snappy when things do wrong, but that's just his personality)
Tonight he realised there was a fault with his car, he was really angry, he got out the car and after ranting he kicked it.shock I had to try not to let my lo see this and divert his attention. He was really wound up, it has taken him about an hour to calm himself. He said afterward he wasn't feeling well, he was hot and sweating. I'm worried about his health- and the damage he is doing to himself. This can't be good for him.
I suggested he need to talk more about his feelings, and get help but he is in denial that there is anything wrong. Where do I go from here???

daisybooo Sun 02-Aug-09 09:28:14

A trip to the GP may help, not necessarily for anti dep's but maybe just for some advice. Do you think he would agree to go? And if you could go with him (minus lo) you could voice your concerns. It's not good for any of you to be in this situation. Could you two get an evening together to talk? Or does he have any close friends he could go and talk to over a pint? Men are so reluctant to admit to problems like these. Personally I find exercise really helps.

fairybubbles Sun 02-Aug-09 20:47:30

appreciate you taking the time to reply,

I suggested the GP but it's not something he will consider. (I didn't think he would)

I have been thinking, and to be honest I think the pressures at work are behind all of this, he is finding it hard to unwind.

I agree with your suggestion about the excercise, it does help. I made a point getting us out today, a trip to the beach. The fresh air was lovely, we had a relaxing picnic and lo played happily.

The situation at work should resolve itself in time, I hope so anyway, I him back to his old self. Until then, it will be excercise every day.

daisybooo Mon 03-Aug-09 18:44:24

Your day out sounds lovely. We live near the sea too on the south coast and going to the beach is a great way to unwind. For what it's worth we have a wii fit and we have a right laugh trying to beat each other/friends/the kids at skiing or football etc. You don't always need a babysitter to have a good evening...

Best of luck, hope his work eases up soon. He is obviously feeling the pressure.

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