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Need to sort out multiple mental health problems - don't know where to start

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BlueSmarties Sat 01-Aug-09 19:37:05

My GP's not much use. Saw him 4 months ago and he prescribed ADs and referred to counsellor. Referral still not come through and really don't want to take ADs coz of side effects and I think anxiety is the problem not depression.

First mental health problems were from teenager - food avoidence, control, lying about it - in hindsight probably anorexia - i did get pretty thin - about 7st when 5ft 5 when I was 19 but mum managed to coax me into eating little bit at a time.

Then started having panic attackslike being suffocated.

Then IBS which led to permanent anxiety about where the nearest loo is when i leave the house.
Then PTSD after birth of ds1 - treated with mental health practitioner talking sessions.

Now still anxious about toilets, starting to get anxious about crowded spaces, small spaces, thekids being sick, me being sick, ds2 having asthma attack.

Got hospital appointments with ds2 next week and week after - i will be a wreck - won't sleep, heart racing, go to loo 10 times before we leave, will have to stop at least once on way there.

This is wrecking my life. No way I could go back to work out of home if I wanted to. Struggle to go shopping, for a walk, take the kids to the park, to the zoo etc etc.

Ds1 starts school in Sept, dreading school run

Already taking Kalms which helps a lot.

sorry for going on. My head is a mess. On the whole I'm happy and pretty content with life - plenty of energy - don't feel depressed like I did after ds1 was born when left to my own devices I would have merrily topped myself.

But these anxieties are starting to dominae my life.

Anyone any experience or suggestions? Is there another way to access help other than GPs.

YommyMommy Sat 01-Aug-09 20:48:04

Hi Bluesmarties,

Sorry you are having a crappy time with the anxiety! Have you ready the anxiety club threat??? There are some brilliant girls (including myself ) on there who have been/are in the same position as you!

I suffer from anxiety too! Like you I struggle with day to day tasks like going shopping, going for walks, etc! I just have to take things one day at a time and work my way through the anxiety!

You were right to go to ur GP, but I am sad to hear that he wasn;t very supportive angry. Is there another doctor you could see in the same practice? I am shocked that you have been waiting 4 months for a ref thats terrible!

Why don;t u oin our threat, we help each other through good and bad days!

Hopefully over time ur anxieties will lesson with help. One of the best things out there just now for anxiety is CBT, but because its so popular there are usually long waiting times, but well worth it once u get it!

Hope this helps.
Here to chat if u want x x x

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