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Help re MIL

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fatzak Fri 31-Jul-09 15:36:41

Any advice would be much appreciated here - quite long so apologies.

MIL has suffered with mental health issues all her life and has twice been sectioned, the last time being 15 years ago (before I met DH) She's been up and down since I have known her but has just had what I presume is a breakdown.

Three weeks ago she became very dilusional, accusing her neighbours of assaulting her, poisoning her dog, stealing from her and raping her. We finally persuaded her to be admitted to A & E with a view to being admitted to psyciatric hospital. She spent a day on the A & E ward who then sent her home under the care of the crisis team.

So, she returns home. She actually lives in a house that DH owns with DH's half brother so an added complication.

Again she becomes dillusional and over the next two weeks has been on on the phone to the police daily making alligations against all sorts of people. She has accused DH and his brothers of trying to kill her and has called the police about this. She has been knocking on the doors of complete strangers claiming that people are trying to abduct her. The crisis team saw her for two weeks then said it was out of their hands.

Anyway... last week the police picked her up after she turned up at yet another stranger's house. After much protest she was admitted to the psyc ward (not sectioned) and has been there about a week. But the ward rang today and told DH that they are discharging her today as she is responding well to treatment.

DH is adamant that she is not fit to go home. She lives with DH's half brother who has some learning difficulties and was really upset by her (she turned the electricity off in the house as she thought the neighbours were poisoning her with it) DH isn't close to his mother, but can't believe that the hospital are just sending her home.

So, what can we do? Anyone any experience of mental health issues who can suggest who we can contact?

(sorry for rambling, there's lots more but long enough already!)

parker1313 Fri 31-Jul-09 18:25:10

OMG this is absolutely rediculous!!!!!
How bad!
They just cant send her home.
WHat area are you in?
Im so shocked.Although I dont know why.
My friends mum has tried to kill herself 6times and was under the crisis team.They have now said she is too reliant on them so there is nothing they can do.
I feel so angry with the crisis team in my area.They took so long to admit my dad and Im so worried they will send him home too soon.
You have to get in touch with the carers help line and they will give you some advice on how you can ensure she can stay in longer.
She needs to have another official mental health assessment!!
You must demand that she stays in for longer!
HTH. sad

fatzak Fri 31-Jul-09 18:30:36

It's ridiculous Parker isn't it?

An update anyway - DH got hold of someone on the community mental health team who had no idea that the ward were going to discharge her just like that shock She agreed that it can't just happen without any consideration and the ward are now saying to DH that his mum has "decided to stay" hmm

We'll see. I'm waiting for the phone calls to start tonight sad

parker1313 Fri 31-Jul-09 21:24:56

Yes it certainly is.I hope it works out.wink

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