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Irrational fear of dogs - bit long, sorry

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juicy12 Thu 30-Jul-09 15:51:16

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but anyway... I've always been scared of dogs. My mum used to tell me that I could go blind if I looked at dog poo when I was little and she's pretty terrified of dogs herself. Once, my dad and I were playing in a river (I must have been about 8) and someone's Alsation got off the lead on its walk and bounded into the river and I remember wetting myself with fear sad. My in-laws got a crossbreed rescue dog about 10 years ago, and I've reached a stage of not-too-scared tolerance with him, but it hasn't given me any more confidence with other dogs. Anyway I've gone along quite happily, just avoiding dogs wherever possible and it's never been too much of a problem. But now I've 2 DC and on more than a few occasions now, I've found myself absolutely paralysed by fear around dogs when I've been with the DCs. I'm petrified that I won't be able to protect them if something happened. For example, the other day DH, the DC and I were in a park and someone appeared with their two large dogs running round off the lead. I literally ran into the gated children's play area (even though my own DCs weren't in there) cos I knew the dogs couldn't get in there. blush My heart starts racing, I start sweating and shaking and have cried several times, which makes me feel so pathetic and angry with myself. What should i do? Don't want to pass this on to the DC and feel like I could give myself a coronary if I carry on.

mpuddleduck Thu 30-Jul-09 21:37:12

I can sympathise with how you are feeling. My mum was and still is terrified of dogs, she won't get out the car if there is a dog on a lead.
I took on her fear until a teacher asked me to walk her dog at lunchtimes, which I think helped me develop a confidence with dogs, I was still scared of strange dogs but it helped.
I now have 2 dogs of my own, my children love them, especially dc4 who was 15 months when we got the 2nd puppy, it is lovely to see them play together and how they both respect each other, she has no fear whatsoever of animals.

I guess the only advice I can offer (I'm no expert) is to get to know a few different dogs, it might not stop you being scared, but it might help you react more rationally.

Ps, just had my mum on the phone asking me to make sure the dogs aren't around, even on a lead when she comes to visit next week.

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