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Ditching the Ads-anyone else done i,t and feel they made the right decision?

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Faigle Thu 30-Jul-09 00:05:02

I get the impression-rightly or wrongly that espite terribe side effects most people have perservered with the ADs and they have helped them.

I couldn't get on at all with Citalapram first, then mirtazipine, so made the choice to stop.
I hated feeling sedated/dizzy unable to function.
I am still depressed, but feel more in control since being off them and therefore more capable of doing stuff-which is slighly better than on them!
Anyone else in the same boat? I guess I'm looking for some re-assurance that I haven't made a stupid decision by stopping taking them.
BTW,my depression is related to some very traumatic events in my life to do with my relationship with my DS.

Tonight I feel I made a bit of a positive breakthrough with him-(which may all be futile again in the morning though))but as a result I feel less depressed anyway. which makes me wonder if ADs are the right thing for me anyway, as they can't resolve the problems I have with DS can they?

ErikaMaye Thu 30-Jul-09 13:00:18

There are different types of ADs, though I'm having a fuzzy head day right now and can't remember. But Citalapram is one type, then things like Prozac are another. I had issues with Citalapram - if anything they made me feel worse - but found Prozac incredably helpful.

Is your doctor aware that you have stopped taking them? And how did you stop? Just you gradually reduce or just not take them again?

I've been off my meds for about five months now due to pregnancy, but am really struggling. I have just booked an appointment to consider going back on them, actually.

At first, for the same reason you've stated, I felt better in myself. But once that had warn off - and it wore off pretty quickly, I must admit - I stated feeling lower and lower again.

If you're determind to stay off them, i think you should really discuss things with your doctor, to get some support. Maybe he would be willing to initiate contact for some family therapy, is that is what you feel needs working on? I went for a while with my family, and although it drove me bonkers as one of the guys was a total arse, it has really helped.

PLEASE keep an open mind about going back on your medication though, and if things get too much don't be ashamed to try again. Try a different type of med. if the ones you were on didn't help.

Best of luck x

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