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Any emetophobes IN RECOVERY online now to help

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canyouhelpnow Wed 29-Jul-09 01:17:40


SecretSlattern Wed 29-Jul-09 01:24:24

are you ok?

canyouhelpnow Wed 29-Jul-09 01:26:45

trying not to cry with anxiety
need to talk myself down

canyouhelpnow Wed 29-Jul-09 01:28:43

thought I could manage,had lots of behavior therapy

DP now throwing up (worst anxiety trigger)

canyouhelpnow Wed 29-Jul-09 01:30:07

thsnks ss

im gonna post anyway because know it is better to get thoughts out.

canyouhelpnow Wed 29-Jul-09 01:35:04

i know i ca'nt do anything about it and have to just let go.And i have to tell myself all the things talked about in therapy.

it is not so bad to be sick, worse things are happening all around the world far worse than what i would go through. would only be a 9 not a 10

it would be over really quickly

even if i was sick it wouldn't be as bad as i thought it would be. would maybe be 2 or 3 rungs less bad

i can think about those actually ill instead of me

i can't control it and trying to makes me unwell and restrict my life

fuck i can't remember any coping strategues and wont sleep now

SecretSlattern Wed 29-Jul-09 01:36:55

erm, I don't really know what to suggest. Can you listen to some music loud through earphones to drown out the sound? can you go and sit in the garden for a bit if its a smell thing?

I'm really sorry, I don't know what kind of advice to offer you but I'll hang around if you just fancy a chat for a bit. Might take your mind off it?

canyouhelpnow Wed 29-Jul-09 01:38:44

ive got headphones on thanks

feel shame at being unable to help him

more the anxiety about me next which never goes away

SecretSlattern Wed 29-Jul-09 01:41:14

ok, so you are worried that you are going to be sick next? Is DP unwell? What coping strategies have you talked about during your therapy?

God, I really am useless sorry. Don't want you to be on your own though.

canyouhelpnow Wed 29-Jul-09 01:54:42

thankyou that is so nice

i stopped a long time ago and was a lotb etter but not had this for years

am trying distraction right now but its hard

SecretSlattern Wed 29-Jul-09 02:00:02

how about trying the never ending quiz?! That should distract you until the end of time unless you are one of the clever ones who manage to get the gist of those daft questions? grin

canyouhelpnow Wed 29-Jul-09 02:11:45

what is the quiz?

DP is really sick and should check him but can't

SecretSlattern Wed 29-Jul-09 02:16:53

know it sounds daft but can you not text him? i mean if he is not actually still being sick can you send him a text checking he is ok? i've had a quick search on here for the other emetophobe threads to see if I can find some strategies that although might not be yours, might jog your memory but I don't really know what I'm looking for.

SecretSlattern Wed 29-Jul-09 02:30:33

CYHN, I'm really sorry but DS is awake hmm and screaming for a bottle. I shall have to go and see to him. I hope you are ok. Seriously, try looking for the never ending quiz if you are still looking for distraction.

Will be back to see how you are tomorrow. Keep strong. Hope DP is feeling a bit better too smile

SecretSlattern Wed 29-Jul-09 02:31:26

and I purposely haven't linked to it because if you look for it, you're distracting yourself a teeny bit more smile.

canyouhelpnow Wed 29-Jul-09 02:32:34


corblimeymadam Thu 30-Jul-09 11:51:46

Message withdrawn

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