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Unwanted advice about dc

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Zahora Thu 23-Jul-09 23:00:46

I could never handle criticism at the best of times, and now I have a ds I am bombarded with people who I can't stand giving me advice about raising children. I was wondering how others handle this kind of unwanted advice and criticism about you dc? I have a party to go to on sunday and really don't want to go. I feel sick to my stomach thinking about all the horrible things people will tell me (stuff that is totally incorrect e.g. letting your baby have a bottle to drink from as they fall asleep at the age of 4!) It upsets me so much and I end up avoiding these get togethers, but I had wanted my ds to have a closer connection with his dad's family. I personally can't stand them. My dh is looking forward to it. please advice.

AccioPinotGrigio Fri 24-Jul-09 14:04:17

Are you sure they are criticising you ie are they making judgements about your parenting choices and telling you that you are wrong. Or, are they offering "advice" like a lot of family members do - it may be old-fashioned and ridiculous but they still feel they should offer it.

I suppose either way you just need to ignore these people. You sound like a good person and a good mum, you certainly have the right intentions in wanting your ds to have a bond with his father's side of the family, you have nothing to reproach yourself for. If they are being judgemental then they are not good people and you shouldn't let them grind you down.

Zahora Fri 24-Jul-09 21:08:47

Thanks Accio... you're right it might be just harmless advice. Everyone seems full of advice when it comes to my ds. I had children a lot later than everyone else, so cousins and in laws all have 3 or 4 each. I just am not good at telling people to bog off kindly. This makes me want to isloate myself even more. I never visit people because of this it seems to be becoming almost like an irrational fear. Thanks for advice though...this kind of advice I do appreciate;-)

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