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i HATE my life today!!!!

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juicychops Sat 21-May-05 15:02:11

ever since i woke up this morning i have hated everything and everyone!! i have no life, im crap at everything, ds is driving me mad crying ( i think he's teething) and dp is making me soooooo mad!!!! Every day is the same. I get up at 6 look after ds alone all day, and then go to bed but with all the boring chores and jobs in between. i hate this boring life but don't know what to do to change it. Ive got no money, i never see dp as he works shift and so is always working or sleeping, and i just cant think of any kind of job i could do in the day from home to keep my brain active. Plus whenever i start something i can never finish it as ds starts. Im so scared that this is how im gunna spend the rest of my life

stitch Sat 21-May-05 15:16:09

first of all, please be assured that this is not how you are going to spend your life.
how old is your ds? can you get out of the house? stick him in a pushchair and go for a walk?
go to the library? get some books to read? take him to mother and toddler grooups. etc?
what about leafletting? you can do that with him in his pushchair?

stitch Sat 21-May-05 15:17:57

collect money for charity?
take baby to see an old person?
do grocery shopping for the elderly?
what skills do you have? im trying to think of stuff fo ryou as i was once in the same sort of postion, but id ont know enough about you

bonniej Sat 21-May-05 15:23:53

i used to feel a lot like this and the only way round it is to go out. Anywhere. As stitch says, go to the park, library, toddler groups anywhere just out of the house. It is hard sometimes but well worth it. I didn't used to drive but still went out even in the winter, me and dd would be the only ones up the park! I'm happy now, i go to some nice groups and make sure I take dd out nearly every day. You must do it for your own sanity!! good luck

TinyGang Sat 21-May-05 16:31:47

I don't have an answer but I do sympathise. I think the constant interruption to anything and everything I try to do, or to my train of thought, is one of the most stressful parts of childcare. Not only that but it drags out boring chores because you can't just get on and finish anything straight off.

In theory it will get better, but then if you have more children it gets worse again! With three children I don't seem to have had an uninterrupted moment for years and it really does get to me some days

stitch Sat 21-May-05 17:38:13

BUT with more than one child, the good thing is they do play together. so for example, right now my younger two are playing/fighting with each otehr. and as long as noone is dying, i can mn!

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