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ADS-anyone tried lexapro?

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fernzmal Sat 21-May-05 08:59:21

first time trying ADS...dr gave me lexapro..anyone had any experience of this?
any side effects?
when will they kick in?

also does it affect pregnancy?
i dont think i am pg, but am paranoid that i am...have done 3 tests, 2 were negative and the third inconclusive..will try test again today... (maybe the paranoia is part of my depression???)

WigWamBam Sat 21-May-05 09:28:05

Can't really help because I haven't been on that particular ad. It's also called Cipralex or Escitalopram, if those names are more familiar to anyone.

Paranoia can be part of depression, so you could be right that your feelings about being pregnant are paranoia.

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