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I am feeling all over the place today - verge of crying for no real reason

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LadyOfWaffle Tue 21-Jul-09 11:30:02

Well, kinda a reason - DS1 (3.4) is driving me bonkers, he keeps pushing and hitting DS2 (11mo) and I have tried everything (will post this bit in behaviour too). I have sat and calmly explained (he understands), have taken him to his room, taken favourite toy away but he won't stop. He could be sitting on the sofa watching something quietly, jump off and kick the baby over and jump back on. Even when he is out and about - we went to an airshow on Sunday and DS2 was sat on the grass and DS1 stuck a tent peg in his ear and cut him. Every time he walks past him he 'accidently' sticks his hand out to bash him over. Every drink he gets as soon as my back is turned he is tipping over his toys, same with his cereal. I cannot keep up with it all. I can't have a shower during the day because I cannot leave them alone, I can't take baby to the bathroom with me because DS2 kicks the door and screams, I have to do everything with baby on my hip or watching them like a hawk.
The house is going to pot because I cannot keep up with it all, because if I scrub the kitchen floor DS2 tries to crawl over it and grabs the brush etc., if I try and do anything one or the other is stopping it. I used to cram in the housework 12.30-3 when DS1 was at nursery and DS2 was napping, but it's summer holidays and DS2s naps are non existant.
I am so so tired all the time, DS2 sometimes wakes and wants to play during the night (rare but happened 3 nights in a row last week), I have tried to get them both to go down about 7 (DS1 does) but DS2 won't go into a routine yet - well, he has his own - a late nap and then bed when I do. I rarely don't have one or the other up. Since DS2 has been born I have had no more than about 45 mins 'off' - it's been 24/7 for 11 months. He doesn't even sleep through yet. DH works 12 hours a day (gone 14 with travel) and last week did 12 days in a row, so we both are exhausted. He had the weekend off where we were going to catch up on housework, but in the end we thought we would take the boys out. There is 4 big bags of clothes to put away and there has been for a few weeks now blush That's just the tip of the iceberg. We did deep clean the living room and kitchen on Saturday, but it's as if we didn't already, although I sweep at least 3 times a day, and flash mop. DH has a 3 day weekend (sat/sun/mon) this weekend and we were going to try and get on top of it, but then the reason he booked Mon off was so we could go camping. We always seem to spend our weekends getting back ontop of the house.
And today isn't helped by the fact DH accidently left the buggy in the car so I cannot go anywhere. DS2 weighs a ton so cannot be carried for long.
Am sure there is tons more but rice krispies are calling me from under the sofa so I had better get the hoover out.... again.

comewhinewithme Tue 21-Jul-09 11:36:56

I am feeling the same we have dd wh is 7 weeks old and I have caught dd1 squeezing her cheeks and dd 3 has nipped her .

Can't get anything done and my head is going to explode .

Everything feels very stressful right now and we are stuck in because of the rain .

I have no suggestions as what to do about housework as I am feeling the same <<hands over chocolate>> .

LadyOfWaffle Tue 21-Jul-09 12:03:28

Thanks for the chocolate
It's tough, isn't it?

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