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how do you know if its pnd or just depression and do doctors take it seriously.....

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mum2samandalex Sun 19-Jul-09 21:06:48

the last few months ive been very up and down. I feel almost suicidal when its that time of the month as it reaches a peak. I stay up late and don't want to get out of bed most days but have to. I wish i could just sleep my days away sometimes. I get anxious on the school run and try to avoid other parents so i dont have to make conversation.I pick at food and binge eat. Critisise my appearance-in fact i hate the way i look i feel fat frumpy and old.I have no motivation for most things and am tearful. And my marriage feels like its breaking down as ive completely distanced myself from dh. Sometimes i have good days but lately it feels blurry like its just all been ad days. I love my two children but sometimes i regret settling down and getting married.Im youngest is 18mths now. Is this pnd or depression or just life feeling like im in a daze most days

mum2samandalex Sun 19-Jul-09 21:11:12

im scared of speaking to my doctor as im afraid he will dismiss me or laugh i feel so pathetic.I find myself day dreaming alot of the time so i dont have to face up to reality. Today i spent all afternoon in bed jsut so i could shut my eyes and imagine myself else where feel like im going mad.

BintOfBohemia Sun 19-Jul-09 21:17:17

Doesn't matter if it's PND or regular depression, get help. A decent doctor will take you seriously. Have just been diagnosed myself and getting help has really helped.

Seriously, make an appointment tomorrow and go. smile

LadyBee Sun 19-Jul-09 21:18:46

Hi mum2samandalex - I can't tell you whether it's PND or depression but I think you know that you're not feeling well, as you're considering talking to your doctor. Which is definitely a good idea. In my experience, GPs take mental health issues seriously and will listen to you, so tomorrow morning make calling for an appointment your goal. Do that and it's a successful day. smile

mum2samandalex Sun 19-Jul-09 21:36:23

ok thanks i will try just feels very hard admitting it to anyone. I almost automatically put on a brave face but on the days i can't i avoid people. Just feel very embarressed but feel im losing myself.

BintOfBohemia Mon 20-Jul-09 08:16:04

I do the brave face thing. People were shocked when I told them I started on meds. It does you no favours, but it's so hard not to.

Please come back and tell us how you get on today. smile

BintOfBohemia Wed 22-Jul-09 08:50:02

Hello mum2 - how are you feeling today? Any better?

Cleanitlikebanksysmaid Wed 22-Jul-09 08:54:20

Please talk to your dr Mum2. Your doctor won't dismiss your feelings, there is help out there. You don't need to be feeling like this. How are you today?

FabBakerGirlIsBack Wed 22-Jul-09 08:55:39

I was dx with PND but I think I had depression for years but being in the system got me a diagnosis.

See your GP.

GooseyLoosey Wed 22-Jul-09 09:01:09

PND is just another form of depression so as BintOfBohemia said, irrelevant which you are siffering from, you need help just the same. Go to the GP and talk about it - they will take it seriously. I have taken ADs for about 18 months now and looking back at how things were, you cannot believe the difference they have made. They do not make you happy over night but if you get 6 months down the line and look back - you may well see a great difference in the way you are living your life.

You also seem to have got yourself into a cycle where things are getting worse - distancing yourself from dh, avoiding people etc. It might be worth having counselling to look at these behaviour patterns and see how you might be able to change things.

Good luck! Things do get better. Your youngest is still a baby. My youngest is 4 now and I do feel that I am no longer just mummy but am me again too!

mum2samandalex Sat 25-Jul-09 14:23:28

i havent made the first steps to go to the doctor yet feel like id be wasting his time and that i just need to give myself a kick up the bum and snap out of it but i can't.

Dh is taking me out tonight he planned it as a surprise-i just have this horrible feeling of dread.I dont really want to go out as we will have to talk and i dont feel good about myself so dont want to go anywhere busy.Hes booked us a meal but wont say where. I know it will end in a row and tears as im being so miserable. I feel like im just pushing him away physically and emotionally. I almost feel like i just want to be on my own just me and the kids. Thing is its nothing he's done wrong its just me but i just dont want to be with him either though il still wont be any happier.

brettgirl2 Sat 25-Jul-09 17:44:12

Isn't there a doctor you can see who you think would be understanding and sympathetic? Or why not get your HV round if you want a second opinion before going to docs?

I have been diagnosed with pnd and to be honest since then I have started to feel a lot better. They won't even necessarily give you ADs - I have been referred to counselling and it's just made me face up to quite a few things.

Depression affects relationahips badly - as my gp put it [men] 'try to help but in doing so make things worse'. It's hard for them to deal with too.

YommyMommy Sun 26-Jul-09 10:26:05

Hi Mum2,

Did you make it for your meanl last night and did it turn out to be the doom and gloom you predicted?

Have u made an appointment to see ur GP yet? Please do it this week as its the first step on your road ot recovery! A GP who would laugh at you is not worthy of being a GP! I am sure he/she will be very helpful! It sounds like you are suffering for depression and anxiety, which both more often than not come hand in hand! I went through both after the birth of DS1, but he was over a year old before I went to my GP although the feelings I had were going on long before I went to seek help!

You will get better with the help thats on offer so please don't despair!

Keep chating and let us know how you are!

Take ond day at a time and if your having a bad day don;t beat urself up about it just take it easy and try to take some time to yourself to relax!

Hope you feel better soon!
x x x

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