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My neighbour/friend has been sectioned

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slingin Sun 19-Jul-09 10:06:00

I have known my neighbour for a few years - she has no dcs - lives with her boyfriend and is bio polar. She has been through a complete manic phase recently (her partner has been abroad) and next I hear she goes to stay with a friend and is sectioned (she agreed to it as far as I know). She has just phoned me and she is in such a state with staff at the hospital pinning her down to inject her with drugs she is refusing to take. It has really upset me...she wants me not to tell her boyfriend about this, but he needs to know. I have two young children and can't really give her that much support in terms of visiting her - to be honest I am feeling a bit freaked out by it all. Can anyone give me advice on how to help her?

MitchyInge Sun 19-Jul-09 18:35:01

well 'sectioning' is what happens when you don't go in voluntarily, she may have agreed to go in to hospital at first and had her status changed once she was admitted - that happens sometimes

probably the most helpful thing you could do at the moment would be to find out more about bipolar/manic depression and perhaps stay in touch with her boyfriend to see how she is? she might welcome visitors or she might be quite paranoid and frightened

this leaflet gives a brief overview of the condition, and you can find out more from

there are also a few of us on here with direct and indirect experience of living with or caring for someone who has bipolar

hope your friend is recovering well and will be home soon

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