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Am I mad? Antenatal depression or fatigue?

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turtle23 Sun 19-Jul-09 06:40:21

Apologies for length of post...I have suffered with depression in the past. After the birth of DS I felt PND threaten a few times, but it went away.
I am now 22 weeks pg and I honestly don't feel like I am depressed. I feel like I am tired and hormonal, but I thought I'd ask the wise ones here.
DS was a problem sleeper until about a month before I got pg. Instead of the instant relief of sleeping through the night, I ended up with insomnia from a year of sleep deprivation. When I got my BFP I thought "Great! Pregnancy makes me tired, I will sleep."
Ha. I finally got to the point where I could sleep 5-6 hours a night (bliss) and then DH started coming home from his salsa evenings between 12 and 4am. When he comes in he is very noisy (small flat) and his clanging about in the kitchen wakes me up.
You would think that this would be easily remedied by him BEING QUIET but he just wont. We are arguing about it nonstop, I am angry with him all the time, he thinks I have flipped. I don't see how it's that much to ask to be quiet when I am trying to learn to sleep again and pg.
Anyway, I am only pg level tearful, I shout at DH (but I think it's justified) and I am not sleeping.
The last two nights he woke me at 1 and 1230 and I didn't get back to sleep at all. I am in the danger zone of tired physically. I don't feel like driving and I just want to go to bed.
Am I slipping into AND or am I knackered? It isn't normal not to go back to sleep after 2-3 hours...

HumphreyCobbler Sun 19-Jul-09 06:55:02

I think your husband is being very irritating. If you don't think you are depressed then I don't expect you are depressed. You are suffering from extreme exhaustion, it makes everything go to shit.
(Can you tell I have only had an hour and a half sleep?)

The more I need sleep the more uptight I am about getting it, therefore I get less of it... and so it goes on.

Can you go to bed today and leave him to look after your ds? Explain that you will both get on better if you have some sleep.

turtle23 Sun 19-Jul-09 07:00:30

Thanks for that. No, I can't. He is out for most of today so I will have to muddle through. When he finally surfaces I am going to ask him to stay at his mum's for a few nights as I can't risk getting any worse.
Am so cross. It seems like common f'ing courtesy to respect your wife's need for sleep especially when she's pg.

HumphreyCobbler Sun 19-Jul-09 07:06:18

It is the least you could expect I agree.

And how bloody annoying to have such a legitimate cause for complaint blamed on YOU having depression.

pinkelliecat Mon 20-Jul-09 22:25:19

Me again turtle, didnt read this before replying to your sleep post. I am not suprised you are not sleeping, you are obvioulsy stressed out. I camped out at a friends house for a week (with my baby) or so at one point during my bad sleep phase. I felt calmer there, and she helped with my baby for the week as well. I am lucky to have a friend who is that good to me. Do you have any relatives or friends you can stay with for a few days who will let you relax? Can you hit the gym/pool? This really helped me, even though I was soo tired anyway.

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