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Feeling Blue

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Spoo Thu 19-May-05 20:31:11

I am feeling a bit fed up today. So much seems to be dragging me down. I went shopping with some girls I have met through antenatal classes who both fit into their pre-preg jeans (we all have 15 week old babies). I just feel like a blob. I went to a class at the gym and realised that I was probably the most fat of all the girls and I wanted to cry. I used to be a size 10 before DS but now I am lucky to get in 14. I do not have enough clothes - being on SMP, having a expensive mortgage and not fitting in any of my previous clothes top or bottom has made me feel fed up. I tried losing some weight early on the year but lost only half a stone - I have another two stone to lose to get back to my pre-preg weight, but I have no motivation to do so. On top of all that my DS has got diarreah (sorry cannot spell) probably from me feeding him an old feed by accident during the night and everytime my mum comes to stay I feel like my house is taken over and the mummy things I should be doing such as feeding - bathing - cooking tea - my mum takes over.

I love having my DS and would not change things for the world but when he is in bed I just get so down. I used to have a professional job and my confidence is taking such a battering.

Sorry to rant but I just feel like running away.

charleepeters Thu 19-May-05 20:57:54

awww Spoo we all have bad days and really 15 weeks is not that long to loose pg weight it took 9 months to get that big give it at least that time to get back in shape! have a word with your mum tell her you appreciate her help but your indipendant and would like to care for ds yourself, most of all relax sit down and chill your baby isnt that old and you need time to ajust to your new life. hugs for you

weesaidie Thu 19-May-05 21:00:38

Hey Spoo

Only 15 weeks?? Don't do yourself down, I could hardly drag myself out at that stage, let alone exercise! Am about a size 12 now (dd is 13 months) but would love to be back to size 10!

I was living with my mum when dd first born and was lovely to have help but sometimes a strain, esp as she used to be a health visitor!

It is difficult looking after wee ones isn't it? Especially when you used to be an 'independent grown up with a job'!!

I can only say, it is still early days and once you get into a groove I am sure things will be easier!

Sorry not to be more help!

fostermum Fri 20-May-05 08:54:09

im a size 16 and my kids are 22yrs,21yrs,and 18yrs,and it doesnt worry me in the slightest,in fact i seem to put on the pounds when my kids where pregnant, so you gotta give your self a break,slowly and steady keeps it off!

Forgetmenot Fri 20-May-05 09:23:54


Don't be so hard on yourself!!

I too could just get in a 14 after having my second dd. 15 weeks is no time at all.
It has taken me two years to lose most of the weight and I will never be a size 10 again!!
I have just sold a load of stuff on e-bay that I kidded my self I'd get back into!!

I buy loads of stuff on e-bay dead cheap and I love to rummage in charity shops.

You have done brilliantly to lose half a stone already!!!Well done.

Let your mum take over for half an hour and have a nice long walk, excersise will get your endorphins going and take time to yourself and think about all the good things.
Last nite I felt really positive about being a SAHM and started a thread "being a SAHM doesn't mean I'm brain dead" (yes I know plugging it again).

I have been going Salsa dancing one night a week since January and it has given me a real boost.

Spoo Fri 20-May-05 12:43:05

THanks guys for your support. I am feeling better today. I realise that I have a healthy young son - who is gorgeous and a great husband who loves me lots. I should be thankful not moaning. I am glamour mum today with loads of make up and a new top on, even though I am only doing the washing. Thanks again for your support.

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