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Is it PND or not?

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nappyaddict Wed 15-Jul-09 17:29:19

My friend had a baby in May. She's very down, keeps breaking down and crying, feels very alone etc etc. However she loves her baby to bits, is happy she had her, doesn't resent her, or get cross or angry with her.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Wed 15-Jul-09 17:34:00

People need to stop assuming you can't have PND if you love your baby.

I would have died for my babies, still would, but I still had/have really bad depression.

It is still very early days for your friend and she will be feeling knackered, unsure, lonely, etc etc.

Be there for her and suggest she talks to her health visitor or GP about her feelings.

nappyaddict Wed 15-Jul-09 17:38:40

I have suggested she go to her GP but she is convinced she can't have PND because of the above. Was yours PND or "normal" depression?

FabBakerGirlIsBack Wed 15-Jul-09 17:39:27


ErikaMaye Wed 15-Jul-09 19:48:33

Just because she's not feeling negative towards the baby doesn't rule out it being PND. The hormone rush after giving both is very capable of imbalancing the brain. Try and pursude her to see her GP, but in the meantime make sure you're supporting her just as brilliantly as you seem to be now, and be there for her when she needs you.

Also, maybe suggest she comes on here? If she sees that other people are struggling, then it might become more acceptable in her mind.

Sending you both strength.

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