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Citalopram - flooring me.

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LateShift Tue 14-Jul-09 15:44:33

I've just started taking them this week and I feel really, really groggy.

DS is at the childminder right now (he goes Mon-Wed) and I'm signed off sick so I can just veg, but I don't really understand how I am supposed to run around after a full-on toddler on Thursday and Friday when I feel like this!

Anyone experienced out there - will it be better if I take them in the evenings instead?

The doc says the initial side effects will ease off and I just have to ride it out. I want to do it so I can feel better for DS' sake but I have a lot of fears about taking this medication. In my youth I was around plenty of people who took recreational drugs but I didn't like them and generally steered clear because I hated the sensation of taking things that messed with my head. Now I am looking at taking something that messes with your head for months, I'm very scared.

blinder Tue 14-Jul-09 16:10:50

Hi LateShift, I work in mental health as a private therapist.

In general, you wouldn't expect to have too many symptoms for at least a week or fortnight. Taking them in the evening is a good idea although Citalopram are not tranquilisers so it's rare that they produce grogginess.

It's best to keep trying the dosage you've been prescribed for a full fortnight so that you can adjust to them. But if you are still finding then that they make you feel tired, you can always go back to the GP to fine-tune the dose. Maybe the mg's are a bit too high.

Just as a reassurance, I have never met a client (in 10 years practise) who found it difficult to stop taking citalopram (gradually!) at the end of treatment. I'm quite anti drugs myself and believe in talking cures but I have seen lovely benefits in many many people with this SSRI (the type of drug you are on). Usually it gradually gives people a break from the depression for long enough to sort out whatever life situations are adding to the depression. They work by encouraging your brain to keep producing seratonin. This gives a feeling of relief which leads to hope and really helps recovery. They are not like recreational drugs really and have no hallucinogenic effects whatsoever.

One more thing, statistically, if you take Citalopram and undertake either a talking therapy or follow a mindfulness program via a class or book (quite cheap on Amazon) you stand a much greater chance of overcoming depression.

All the best!

LateShift Tue 14-Jul-09 18:05:01

Thanks blinder. I have been referred to the CMH team also - I know that I desperately need a talking therapy too. This is the first time in my life I have had to seek help for depression so it's all new to me. I think it was PND which has descended to a more generalised depression because I did not deal with it at the time. I definitely feel spaced out all day but less so in the evenings. Presumable if I take them in the evenings that will be reversed, which will be better for taking care of my son.

blinder Tue 14-Jul-09 23:18:36

Yes absolutely.

Re talking therapy: If you want to try a private counsellor, go to this page which is the professional body that regulates counsellors / therapists in the UK. But if you get referred for a free therapist, make sure that they are qualified with at least 3 years experience and are a member of the BACP too. There is no legal enforcement of quality yet so this is the best way to be sure of seeing someone ethical and competent.

According to research, there is little difference in the type of therapy you go for (CBT or Person Centred or other approaches) as long as the therapist themselves is experienced.

By the way, I got into therapy training myself as a result of my own PND (with birth trauma) that developed into depression. It is absolutely possible to heal it and feel better than ever before. I am almost glad now that I suffered from depression because healing from it has really taught me what I need to be happy. Wishing you speedy developments!

LateShift Wed 15-Jul-09 01:18:04

Thank you again. I'm here because I can't sleep and getting upset because I can't! Really annoyed because I hadn't cried for nearly 2 days til now. Insomnia hasn't been part of my problem til now (usually desperate for sleep because DS still wakes at night) and I feel quite calm but still having this "comedown" like sensation that I find unpleasant. I tried to have a nap earlier today and the same thing happened. Just have to keep reminding myself am doing this for DS.

choklit Wed 15-Jul-09 09:22:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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