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Anyone else feel that motherhood has reduced them to a generic service provider?

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superdanovi Mon 13-Jul-09 23:34:57

Don't get me wrong... I adore my little boy (now 6 months old), but ever since he was born, I've just felt completely lost and totally unable to connect with the person I used to be. Honestly, where is the person I was on January 1st (he was born January 2nd)? Now, my old clothes still don't fit (figure has assumed seismic proportions), I miss my old job and my days merge into an unrecognisable and relentless tide of nappies, feedings, botched up naptimes etc. etc. Despite having massive support from DH, family and friends, I still wake up feeling fearful and go to bed feeling that I've managed to accomplish absolutely nothing at all. I look around at other mothers, both friends and strangers, and they seem to manage so well, and here I am.. staying at my parents' place; terrified of going home and facing a full day with my little one alone. Tell me: what am I doing wrong?

Claire2009 Mon 13-Jul-09 23:42:10

You're doing nothing wrong.

Can you go back to work/college if you want to? Do something for you so it's not just feed baby/change baby/baby to sleep etc etc.

Sounds like you're mentally bored, you are enjoying motherhood but you're brain needs more than just that iukwim...

Meglet Mon 13-Jul-09 23:58:44

It can be brain rottingly dull a lot of the time, babies are not exactly exciting. I work one afternoon a week and even those few hours allow me to get my brain back, I enjoy my dc's (2.8 and 10mo) more when I get home. Agree that a bit of work would do you the world of good.

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