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Citalopram....... its making me anxious and fidgety.

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spookycharlotte121 Mon 13-Jul-09 23:08:08

Is this normal? I have been on it for about 6 months bbut the dr increased the dose and i seem to have gone all weird.
i feel funny.

LateShift Tue 14-Jul-09 08:46:39

Hi I can't answer your question but I notice there are lots of individual threads about Citalopram on here. If you search you can see there used to be a Citalopram Buddies support thread on here but it doesn't seem to be current any more. I have only just started taking it & have never had any involvement with ADs before in my life I have so many worries and questions about it.

sunburntats Tue 14-Jul-09 08:53:23

i was like this on it too. Both on starting and coming off it.
Its weird istn it. jittery and just "funny" i know what you mean.
These symptoms lasted about 2 weeks, then got better for me, i stuck it out.

They defo worked for me and helped me climb out of a black hole, cover it over then walk far away from it....then i came off them, weened over about a month.
That was about 2 years ago, and i have been "me" again with no blips so far grin

ideasplz Tue 14-Jul-09 09:02:27

increasing the dose never worked for me, made me more fidgety.
how much are you taking?

jenn321 Tue 14-Jul-09 11:34:38

i took 40mg of citalopram and i was ok but if i didnt take it one day i would feel weird then i changed meds which made me feel worse, i think certain meds work for different people, talk to your doctor about it and he might prescribe something different.

spookycharlotte121 Tue 14-Jul-09 15:11:46

Im on 40 mg a day.

I just dont feel like me..... my head feels funny and i feel very anxious a lot of the time. My dr is probs sick of the sight of me.

jenn321 Tue 14-Jul-09 19:18:18

i had that funny head feeling, like somebody was playing a game of tennis in my head it was weird. i hear a lot of stories of certain tablets making people feel more anxious i would definatly consider changing ur meds.

BintOfBohemia Tue 14-Jul-09 19:25:52

I've just started on it 3 weeks ago (only on 10mg though) and within 24 hours I was incredibly uncomfortable in my own head. I took it 10 years ago and had the same thing.

It got better with time and was a good thing ultimately, but getting used to it was horrible. I hope you can get it sorted one way or another, I wouldn't be afraid to go back to the docs if you're not happy with it. Mine gave me valium to help cope. grin

Ladylou83 Mon 20-Jul-09 00:26:31

Im starting on it 2moro. Have been having a few days off Fluexatine, and now they have swapped me on to Citalopram. Im hoping it cant be worse then Fluexatine, but by the sounds of it, it will be a interesting transition phrase......

clairebearx Fri 31-Jul-09 03:46:25

i was wondering if anyone has sufered from sexual problems since taking and/or coming off citalopram and whether sleep patterns have been altered in anyone.

I have been taking this medication or 11 years, since developing what the doctor said was postnatal depression. My problem now, is that when i try to wean myself off, i immediately feel low..and more anxious; but i don't know whether this is due to a depressive illness or simply withdrawal symptoms..has anyone had experience of feeling similar?

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