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solo mum and her two children die

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Papillon Sun 12-Jul-09 19:41:49

they have to do an autospy and find out why, but not a mark on their bodies I knew her, she picked up my ds for playcentre just the other day

she was pregnant too oh the poor darlings, angels fallen, wronged angels to have this need to happen

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 12-Jul-09 19:43:39

That is very sad sad

TheChilliMooseFrownsaLot Sun 12-Jul-09 19:51:38

that's really sad. I hope they rest in peace together.

JodieO Sun 12-Jul-09 19:53:59

I too hope they all rest in peace. How sad

Frizbe Sun 12-Jul-09 19:54:51


dizzymare Sun 12-Jul-09 19:55:22

Very sad, so sorry

littleducks Sun 12-Jul-09 19:55:23

oh that is terrible, must be horrible not knowing what happened sad

how old is your ds? will he be upset or is he still to realise?

Papillon Sun 12-Jul-09 20:06:10

ds is 3.5 he wont remember i not going to tell him

just buried my grandad last week, he was 97 tho

still angels RIP, I am sending them love and safety from any more pain

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