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is there someone I can talk to ?

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Titania Tue 17-May-05 23:56:52

please? there is nobody on MSN i can talk to atm

sparklymieow Wed 18-May-05 00:04:32

i'm here, but not in a good mood myself..

Titania Wed 18-May-05 00:08:30

oh dear. ok. sorry hun x x

jenkins88 Wed 18-May-05 00:20:07

I'm new on here, not sure I could say anything to help but if you want to talk...

Gwenick Wed 18-May-05 00:34:39

titania - I'm around if you still want to chat with someone

Titania Wed 18-May-05 07:12:06

sorry. I crashed on the sofa. Im sorry. Decided against pouring my heart out again. Especially on here. Gets me into trouble. Thank you though.

charleepeters Wed 18-May-05 08:48:16

im here if you need to talk and im in a good mood xxx

Gwenick Wed 18-May-05 11:12:06

well you can still add me if you want - and if you need a chat just send me a message

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