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How do you "live in the moment"?

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SpawnChorus Thu 02-Jul-09 14:54:54

I need to stop worrying about the future.

Does anyone have any tips on how to live in the moment?

My particular worries are:

my health (I have some ongoing health problems that can't really be investigated atm as I'm pregnant)

DCs wellbeing (they are only of preschool age and I find myself fretting over things that will only become relevant when they are much older)

Money (we're constantly a bit short of cash and I worry about all the things that might happen to send us over the edge).

Logically I know that my worrying is unproductive. In fact it's spoiling the perfectly pleasant present. How do I force myself out of my negative state of mind?

Bucharest Thu 02-Jul-09 14:57:58

That blokey who wrote the "calm" books, (can't remember his name, little book of calm, calm at work etc etc) goes on about this. You just have to always think in the present tense...v hard to do...I find I constantly am thinking either about yesterday or tomorrow.....

SpawnChorus Thu 02-Jul-09 15:04:54

You mean I actually have to read a book shock

Surely there's some Live-In-The-Moment guru here on MN who can give me a five minute cure? grin

LadyOfWaffle Thu 02-Jul-09 15:11:41

I find this hard too... No real advice I'm afraid, for the past few years I have talked/thought myself abit better (if that makes sense). You have to take the small pleasures out of life, my head hurts some days I am trying so hard to think myself happy... I do wish I could look into the future so I know the path - like with money/health etc. I cannot explain this all very well, I have my own little ways now - I think faith plays a part too, and certainly when I am feeling down about not having a house with a garden, or a big house wink I try and think how much worse it could be. I have been in situations where I have thought "my life was so perfect before this (or more if this hadn't happened it would be perfect, I'd be so grateful)" So I try and imagine that moment to be now. When I am worried about money, I think back to when DH was out of work - or if he was out of work again and I realise it isn't so bad. Tough going, but I am persevering with the positive thinking! Hope that makes some sort of sense hmm

imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Thu 02-Jul-09 15:30:20

Can't help really spawn - but when you find out, will you tell me - my counsellor says i have to "bring myself back to the here and now" but its easier said than done. I have health anxiety and its bad at the moment, almost obsessive. My counsellor said to remove myself from where i am having those thoughts, so if i am in a room - either turn tv on, go and do something, go and stand in the garden. Can't say its really helped much though.

improvingslowly Thu 02-Jul-09 15:56:00

get this book and cd - all about being in the moment, not dwewlling on things in past, or worrying about what will happen in future.
there was a tv prog about it a while ago as being v helpful.
'The mindful way through depression freeing yourself from chronic unhappiness.' M Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal, Jon Kabat-Zinn. about £13

weegiemum Thu 02-Jul-09 15:57:17

Google "mindfulness".

DisturbinglySexuallyInactive Fri 03-Jul-09 11:24:23

I could do with thinking a bit more about the future, awareness of possible consequences and so on - want to swap?

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