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Will I ever find the right Antidepressant for anxiety ! [sad]

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SM13 Wed 01-Jul-09 17:55:52


How many antidepressants until I find the right one!

This all started in February,I have been on mirtzapine for 4 months and it did help me sleep, perked me up, however I had a dizzy head and suddenly had anxiety symptoms! I thought it was the medication not me.

Dr swopped me to Citalopram and within two hours of taking the 1st tablet I was in a real bad way (heart racing, burning sensations, panic - didn't sleep for two days!)

I have just taken Dosulepin from same Dr ,about 3 hours after the first tablet , my heart was racing, panick, sweats etc.. I did take it again on the second night and the same thing happened !

Can you get referred to mental health person that knows more about medication or is it just your Dr?

The anxiety has been so bad now at nights, I'm afraid to sleep. I am totally lost and feel i'm losing the battle!

I am having CBT, he is now on holiday for 2 weeks - argh!

Help Please

TarkaLiotta Thu 02-Jul-09 15:25:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

YommyMommy Thu 02-Jul-09 20:58:13

Hello SM13,

How are you feeling now?

U say this all started in feb, when you went to your GP who suggested the ads? How bad are you with anxiety on a daily basis? Its seems to me that you think the ads are making the whole thing worse??? Would it be unrealistic to come of the ADs and try to take things one day at a time?

When I first started feeling anxiety I honestly thought I was going mad? But I was terrified to start taking anything incase I became addicted! My GP explained to me that AD's had come a long way, etc! But I was still dead set against the idea of it! Much to my relief I came through anxiety - it was hard and didn;t happen over night! Just recently I started to feel myself going down that slipper slope again, but I knew I had gotten through it once and I could do it again! I am going for some CBT, which I am hoping will give me more coping techniques to get me through my difficult days!

I am beginning to feel a little better about life again and I can only hope that I am beginnng to get back on track again! I will have to wait to see what happens. I am just taking things one day at a time!

Hope this sort of helps! If you have anything you want to ask or anything you want to talk about just ask

Hope you are okay! The anxiety won't last forever! x x x

SM13 Sun 05-Jul-09 13:36:26

Thanks Yommymommy & tarkaliotta.

Yommymommy you are doing really well - well done you! CBT is helpful, I am on my 4th session - very good.

The mirtazapine although worked , gave me such a dizzy/ vertigo head - very un-nerving (least that's gone now). Good luck on the mirtazapine, I had no real problems and it helps with sleeping and eating! I'm thinking if the escitalopram doesn't work out - I might as well stay on the mert!

Well I saw a new gp (lady who's on the ball). I only took two dosulepin, get frightened of the side effects! Could'nt go to the loo!!{shock

She said I need to take something the CBT won't work unless I can get my head together! She has put me on beta blockers to stop any symptoms, has prescribed escitalopram as she said she has seen amazing recoveries with her patients and its changed their lives. Ant giving me sleeping tablets until the ad Start working. (Didn't sleep for 2 weeks solid).

My problem is just trying to cope with the new meds, adrenaline rushes and couldn't sleep even with sleeping tablets!

DH is trying to be supportive, kiddies are blissfully unaware and my work have been fab - still working through all this.

I still go out, lead a relatively normal life, just have this frightened feeling in the pit of my stomach all the time. I literally can't stop thinking about my meds, feeling anxious, what if they wont help......on and on...

I really hope I can stick these new meds out.

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