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Dosulepin - Just hit me the drowsiness!

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SM13 Mon 29-Jun-09 11:43:16

Just a quick one,

Took my first tablet last night and did not sleep at all - so anxious!

Spoke to nurse who said they need to get in your system first.

Came back and can hardly keep my eyes open!! Will this improve over time? Have a dry mouth and my head is a bit light. It could be that I haven't slept the last 4 nights!!


What a fab sunny day

BlackLetterDay Mon 29-Jun-09 11:56:56

I used to take these, I took them about half an hour before I wanted to sleep. They did make me a bit fuzzy headed(almost an unreal floaty feeling) during the day but it did improve with time. At night it was odd, they didn't make me drowsy as such, I just had a feeling that I must go to bed that minute as soon as they kicked in.

Hth and they did work for me, much better than the ssri's I tried. Good luck.

SM13 Mon 29-Jun-09 12:49:43

Thanks Blackletterday - tried 1 tablet of citalopram and boy what a reaction! Dr said perhaps all SSRI would be the same. Hoping I will sleep tonight!

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