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How late can PND start after a baby? Or is it PMT

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CaptainDJ Sun 28-Jun-09 21:35:15

Over the last couple of days, I've been feeling very out of sorts, very tearful, not able to laugh or lighten up, Even a swim only made me feel mildly better this morning! I have a DD1 (nearly 3) and DD2 7 months. I lost my mum just under a month before DD2 was born and have done pretty well considering what the last 8/9 months have held. Haven't had a period yet, stopped breastfeeding about 3 weeks ago. I have had some slight spotting over the weekend. So to go back to my question a bit of PND or PMT?! Or just hormones whizzing about still?

gigglewitch Sun 28-Jun-09 21:40:26

certainly sounds like it to me.
My friend was diagnosed with pnd around the time her dd was 3yo. It wasn't that she didn't have it all that time - she had been doing that good old denial thing... which we all know so well. You have had such a terrible time, please be kind to yourself.
Keep posting here if it helps.

(have also had pnd for upwards of 3yrs, just starting to think straight[ish])

ErikaMaye Sun 28-Jun-09 22:24:30

PND can be diagnosed, as gigglewitch has demonstrated, years after the birth. Sometimes it can even start years after! You've had a really hard time of things from what you've said, so I'm not suprised if its getting on top of you. Go and see your doctor, tell him how you're feeling.

I've found it so supportive on here for when I've been having low bits - please keep posting if you feel able to Sending you strength.

CaptainDJ Mon 29-Jun-09 21:51:24

Thanks for your messages. I am feeling much better today, so think it's the hormones settling down after stopping breastfeeding. But promise I will keep a close on things. In fact, my cousin is keeping a close eye on me, she had PND and has been watching me carefully since the arrival of DD2!

ErikaMaye Tue 30-Jun-09 09:10:39

I'm glad your cousin is keeping an eye on you Things will be up and down, regardless if whether its your horomes or PND, so just take it easy, and don't blame yourself for having a bad day

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