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Dementia - think my Nin had got it

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Biglips Sat 27-Jun-09 15:11:47

she is 84 yrs old and lives on her own but have family and friends come by every day. She does have a day carer to come by for a few hours every day to cook/bring her tea, tidy up for her, etc and to make sure she is generally ok. Atm shes not eating and she is either forgetting to swallow or doesnt know how to swallow and had been told its the early signs of dementia sad. Since last night, nin had been admitted to a centre and is gonna be investigated deeper as she went in last year and wasnt eating but passed her assessment to go back home. She does have a stick to help her to walk around as she got a bad leg from her stroke many yrs ago.

Is this the sign of my nin being on her way out?

Tommy Sat 27-Jun-09 15:14:32

I'm no expert but would say that at 84, it wouldn't be uncommon to have the early signs of dementia.

t doesn't mean she is going to die imminently - but she will need a bit more help and support.

Biglips Sat 27-Jun-09 16:22:47

if she does get worse, i know she may have to be tube fed. Will she start forgetting about the people who cares about her as i think that wud scare me that my nin wouldnt recognised me.

nevergoogledragonbutter Sat 27-Jun-09 16:39:15

I'm sorry to hear about your Nan biglips.
I work in a dementia assessment unit and it sounds like she is in the right place.
While there, everyone will be able to figure out what is the best treatments or place for her to be and what help she needs in her best interests.

Have you looked at the alzheimers association website.
They have absolutely loads of information and factsheets about absolutely everything.

She may or may not forget who you are. Everybody is affected in different ways. That's not to say your visits wouldn't be appreciated.

i'm going out in a minute but will check in again later.

Tommy Sun 28-Jun-09 18:20:04

Biglips - my Dad has dementia and I have no idea whether he recognises me or not but I was surprised to find that it didn't bother me in the way I thought it would. In a way it doesn't matter if he knows who I am or not - he's still my Dad and I still love him so I just get on with it.

Agree that the Alzheimers website is excellent and gives good tips about how to deal with it all.

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 28-Jun-09 19:48:21

alzheimers society not association. sorry.

Biglips Mon 29-Jun-09 21:05:31

many thanks

ill have a read on the alzheimers website smile

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