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Please help - how do I take fluoxetine (prozac)?

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sabire Fri 26-Jun-09 08:01:52

I've just been prescribed fluoxetine and am supposed to be starting this week. My depression has been triggered by ongoing health worries since last January - I'm exhausted and am struggling to cope with my children. I've got very bad health anxiety, not helped by the fact that I've got a problem with my liver which nobody has been able to give me a diagnosis for, despite lots of blood tests and a number of consultant appointments.

Anyhoo - just looking at this packet of fluoxetine and wondering how other people take it. I've been prescribed a very low dose (20mg?), so that's just one tablet a day. I suffer from digestion problems related to my health anxiety and am wondering what the best way to take my pill is. With food or without? Morning, lunch or evening? Any ideas anyone?

TotalChaos Fri 26-Jun-09 08:06:10

tbh I think it's trial and error. I usually take it in the evening after dinner. Don't think it matters if you take it with food, but if you think you'll be anxious about digestion if you take it before a meal, then best to take it without food.

blushingm Sun 28-Jun-09 13:04:36

sorry but i'm the opposite to Total Chaos. I always take mine in the morning with my breakfast and juice. I read somewhere taking tablets with food mean they are less likely to iritate your stomach. i also find it i go to bed soon after taking something that I get heartburn - possible as gravity isn't helping them stay down hmm HTH

GooseyLoosey Sun 28-Jun-09 13:08:58

Sabire - I too take fluoxetine for accute health anxiety. I find that it works best for me if I take it around lunchtime. It doesn't affect my sleep then and it does keep the anxiety at bay.

Good luck with it. It has really helped me. I can't say I amnever anxious but it has certainly dealt with about 80 percent of the anxiety.

ErikaMaye Sun 28-Jun-09 22:21:05

I took mine first thing in the morning, litterally as soon as I woke up, so it had kicked in when my day started. But find a time, and a way, that is comfortable for you. I had a glass of fruit juice with mine. I hope they srart to help you out really soon

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