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Depession or just a bad couple of days?

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Distel Fri 13-May-05 23:46:13

To cut a long story short, I have suffered from PND but am no longer on AD's. The last 2 weeks have been really horrible. Its looking like I have had mumps, started nearly 2 weeks ago and tonight I went back to work in my parents pub for the first time since I got ill. MY mum stayed upstairs untill 10 o clock - knowing that friday is the busiest day, she then moaned when I asked her to work for 5 mins while I had a rest as I was exhausted. This was the longest time I have been out of my house let alone do anything energetic!

It was my DS'S 1st birthday on wednesday and my dd's on sunday, she will not see dd over the weekend and only came for 10 mins on ds's b'day.

This maybe unreasonable - but I feel really unloved by her at the moment. I feel like me and my family don't matter as I only see her once a week when she takes me shopping as I don't drive and she only lives a 5 minute drive away. If I ask to go and see her she always makes excuses.

Like I say, is this unreasonable behaviour or is the depression coming back and I am just really down. Any responses greatly appreciated, thankyou x x

hotmama Fri 13-May-05 23:59:00

Is your mum especially busy? It may be that she has other stuff to do and isn't meaning to be off with you.

Or she could be a bit of a thoughtless harpy (most mothers are at some point - the stories I could tell you of my selfish mum - but that is another thread).

Can you talk to her and let her know how you feel - she may not realise - have you any support? (Hugs)

Distel Sat 14-May-05 00:07:36

DH is asleep - she is uncaring most of the time. My ds1 is nearly 6 and she has never had him over night, ds2 is 1 and she hads never looked after him for more that an hour for me.

She isn't especially busy, she runs her own business from home but she has time for everyone else, just not me. I feel bad moaning, I should be sleeping, It is dd's birthday party tomorrow. I know that I can't expect her to automatically love my children but when I think how much me and my brothers went to our grandparents when we were young, it really upsets me. She has always said that they are my children and not hers and I must take responsibilty for them, which I do but I can't help thjinking that I am jelous of not having any time with DH by ourselves.

I am not normally self pittying, but I feel like the world is against me at the moment. Somebody tell me to pull myself together (but nice and gently ).

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