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Anyone have any experiences of Diazepam?

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SM13 Mon 22-Jun-09 11:40:42


Currently coming off Mirtazapine and Doctor has given me a prescription of Diazepam 2mg if I need them.

Just wondered if they help you sleep, can you still funtion normally on them, drive etc ?

Anxiety has been bad last few days and was just wondering whether to ride it out or take one?

I just can't win, I'm anxious about feeling anxious!! How Weird!

Thanks for your answers

notnowbernard Mon 22-Jun-09 13:10:56

2mg of Diazepam is a very small dose

I doubt it would make you sleep, but it might take the edge of your anxiety a bit. You should still be able to function pretty normally if you took 2mg - I'd be suprised if it made you feel drowsy

Are you coming off Mirtazipine in order to start another AD?

You are probably aware that Diazepam is only intended for short-term use only. It's a very addictive drug. HTH and that your anxiety improves smile

SM13 Mon 22-Jun-09 14:12:33

Thanks for replying notnowbernard - its kind of you.

Coming off mirtazapine to start Dosulepin, only been on AD for 4 months up until then I was okay!

Was having problems sleeping , appetite went, fuzzy head and all enjoyment stopped, was worrying excessively over stupid things!

Feel better but the side effects have been getting me down (dizziness, anxiety seems worse!).

I am having CBT and the therapist says I should come off the anti depressants altogether!

The Dr prescribed Diazpam for the change over as I asked could the anxiety get worse coming off them. Been too anxious to take the Diazapam in case I feel worse! I can't help myself!! hmm

Thanks again, I hope you are okay.

moodyblue Mon 22-Jun-09 17:32:24

I was prescribed 2mg diazepam for muscle spasm in my lower back. I had to take 3 a day as well as co-codamol. They definitely knocked me out but I think that was the combination. I have taken the diazepam on its own from time to time and it's lovely - just chills you out. (I take citalopram for anxiety too at the minute). I'd have a go with one but just be aware you might be drowsy so perhaps try one a couple of hours before you have to go to bed?

notnowbernard Mon 22-Jun-09 20:28:43

It might be useful to take to counteract the side-effects/withdrawal effect from the Mirtazipine

It's great you're already linked in with CBT. TBH I would say the decision to stop ADs or not should be a collaborative one between you, your Dr and your therapist

Good luck with it all smile I don't suffer personally but have professional experience

SM13 Tue 23-Jun-09 15:10:07

Thanks all

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