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Back on the citalopram - is it my fault?

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PinkSakura Thu 18-Jun-09 16:11:09


Anyone out there been also diagnosed with post traumatic stress after having baby?

Well I was - 30 hours labour, GBS setting in, ending up in foreceps, vontouse and then emergency section (not boasting - sure others have had worse - just the fact that I'd seen it all in the lights in the theatre and not that good with ops anyway). Was on anti-ds for that, but have been put back on 'em recently as have been having problems with other half, but been recently keeping record, just over 100 litres of alcohol consumed by him last month - is it just my PTS returning or the fact that I'm living with an abusive drunk?

He seems to think that there is no problem with his drinking and that as I said wanted more kids, should have 'em anyway - dispite being in this situation what do you think

ReneRusso Thu 18-Jun-09 22:14:44

It is difficult to get over a traumatic childbirth experience, but my guess would be its more to do with your alcoholic partner than anything else. I'm guessing he's not very supportive with your child either? Don't beat yourself up about the citalopram, just take it and let it help you, of course its not your fault. You need to work out a way forward though regarding your partner. Sounds like he is in denial about his problem and you can't deal with this on your own. There is a support group al-anon for people affected by others' drink problems. Would you consider calling their helpline to discuss what you could do? Sorry wish I could help.

PinkSakura Fri 19-Jun-09 21:33:35

Cheers - have had further info from docs & they have been useful - got me in contact with the workers in my area who help the family members - will also be monitoring me as I have list of all really bad incidents, emotional, verbal, and threatening behaviour and the like.

Saw doc today and she said that she thought I was coping really well - strange to hear that from a professional person as i feel pathetic most of the time blush

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