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depressed over how i look during pregnancy

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michelle89 Thu 18-Jun-09 00:20:07

hey, im 9 and half weeks pregnant, im really happy about being pregnant but one thing is really getting me down. im naturally blonde and have been dying my hair black for 5/6yrs now. now im pregnant i heard you cant dye your hair until at least 12weeks, if not longer. i dyed my hair before i new i was pregnant at 3weeks (so nearly 7weeks ago) my roots are so bad, you can imagen blonde roots with black hair is not good! they are at least 1" showing either side and even half way down my hair blonde is showing through, it looks terrible! its getting me really down because it is soo noticeable, i dont really want to go out but i have to atm (this is my last week at college) but once iv finished that then until i dye my hair at 12weeks i dont want to go out, this is 3weeks away yet! its making me really depressed and i feel really ugly, any advice? anyone else had similar issues or have been depressed during pregnancy?

Thingiebob Thu 18-Jun-09 00:25:05

I think it is pretty safe to dye your hair when pregnant. I know I am planning too in a week or so and have been informed that it is fine and I'm planning on using a permanant.

michelle89 Thu 18-Jun-09 00:50:04

i asked the midwife when i went for a early scan a week ago and she said no i cnt dye my hair, i shud let it grow out, but how are u ment to do that?? hmm
it will look so stupid. there is alot of info about this on the internet but they are all contridicting each other, some say yes its ok, some say only after 12weeks and some say not at all.
im in two minds because i dont want to harm my baby as iv wanted it for so long but im depressed at how bad my hair looks!

Thingiebob Thu 18-Jun-09 13:14:38

Of course you don't want to harm your baby so I understand your reservations.

If you do a search on this site you'll find lots of advice on hair dying and other pregnant woman's experiences.

good luck

YommyMommy Thu 18-Jun-09 15:45:00


I am pretty sure I dyed my hair during both my pregnacies and both my boys were/are absoloutly fine! :D Just try to keep it to a minimum!

Good luck with your pregnancy :D

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