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AD's whilst BF'ing...anyone with advice/experince?

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HoneyNutLoop Wed 17-Jun-09 02:48:18

I've just been prescribed 20mg paroxetine hydrochloride (apo-paroxetine), 1 x day, 2 months and 1mg Lorazepam 2x day for what appears to be 12 days.

I'm not depressed per se, but am very tense and am at the end of my teather re certain circumstances in my life...I have done everything I can to change these circumstances, the remainder are out of my control. However I am internalising alot and i am now at the point where I am hitting and biting myself to try and reduce my tension. Therefore yes I see medication as a necessity right now...something to relieve the panic and tension i am swallowing.

I am however concerned about taking meds whilst breast feeding(my youngest child is 7 months). I do not want to stop bf. Gp says meds are safe, but I am not in uk and after a few bad experiences here i'm a bit cautious.

Anyone with any experience please...or a pharamacist/medic with a bnf within reach!

Thank you!

And sorry yes, I have namechanged.

Expectant Wed 17-Jun-09 03:35:12

Hi I don't have any specific knowledge on those meds but FWIW I was prescribed Zoloft (sertraline) when my DS was 5 months old and I was suffering with PND. He is 10 months now and I am still bfing and have not noticed any side effects from this. I've also been able to reduce the dose as I'm feeling better and as he takes less milk now as he's taking more solids I'm a little less concerned about the amount of any ad he's getting via my milk - this might help you too as your LO moves on in the next few months?

I'm not in the UK either and it can be difficult when the medical system is not what you are used to which is why MN is so great. Hope that you manage to work through whatever it is you have to and get some support as well as the ADs if you decide to take them. {{{hugs}}}

Hope that someone is along soon to offer more help

Jacksmama Wed 17-Jun-09 05:45:44

Hi - I'm in Canada so not in U.K. either, and like Expectant have been taking Zoloft (sertraline) since DS was 6 months old. He's now 16 months and still breastfeeding. He was almost exclusively breastfed until 12 months. I've never noticed adverse effects on him from the meds. In fact, I'd say it was much better for him to have me on the meds. I've looked up the ones you mentioned in my CPS and it staes categorically that they are safe.
Best of luck to you - I hope your situation improves and you feel better soon.

vonsudenfed Wed 17-Jun-09 07:10:47

I took different ADs while bf, but at about the same stage (7-9 months). I think it's a very different thing to do now, rather than at the newborn stage, but it is still worrying I remember.

But if you want reassurance and excellent detailed advice, have a look at the Breastfeeding Network site. They have an excellent thing called Drugline


There are factsheets about different drugs, but you can also send them an email and they can advise - to be honest, they know more than some doctors!

Hope they can reassure you - and that you get some rest and that the panic and tension (and whatever is causing them for you) get better.

HoneyNutLoop Wed 17-Jun-09 10:35:49

thank you all for the advice...i've mailed the breastfeeding fingers crossed they get back quickly...
I'm procrastinating a bit with starting my meds...i'm obviously worried about the littlest 1, but also loosing a part of me. I feel crap, I'm at the end o my tether...I need to relax for the kids, but i'm worried that i'll relax and accept more crap from the people and situations that helped me to get to this state to begin with....basically let the situation get worse and not care like i should...I donno...
Anyway, thanks again, heres hoping bfn reply soon

HoneyNutLoop Wed 17-Jun-09 14:16:05

still not heard from please does anyone know if these meds are safe while bf'g the apo paroxettine leaflt says speak to gp...the lorazepam has no insert. please

Jacksmama Wed 17-Jun-09 17:04:32

Here is what I found on for paroxetine:

Can I take paroxetine while breastfeeding?
Several studies have shown that one to two
percent of the amount of paroxetine that the mother
takes passes into the breast milk. There were no
harmful effects in the breastfed infants in these
studies.Psychiatry 60 (8): 519-523.

Sanz E, et al. 2005. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in pregnant
women and neonatal withdrawal syndrome: a database analysis. Lancet

Stowe Z, et al. 2000. Paroxetine in human breastmilk and nursing infants.

On, they have a chart that lists medications that are safe to use and probably safe to use and lorazepam is on that list. is the best resource I've found to determine what is safe during BF. Their research is impeccable. And both your meds are fine according to them, too.

((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) and I hope this makes you feel better!

CMOTdibbler Wed 17-Jun-09 17:08:07

You can download the BFN leaflet on antidepressants and breastfeeding from here

HoneyNutLoop Wed 17-Jun-09 17:42:29

Jacksmama...THANKYOU...My brains a bit fuddled and everytime I start trying to research something...well it just goes wrong! Thanks for taking the time to find out for me. And thanks for the virtual hug...really needed! Well its time to start the meds...wish me luck! x

Jacksmama Wed 17-Jun-09 18:19:54

Oh, you're SO welcome!! I'm sorry you're so stressed. I do feel your pain - I had PTSD after my little guy was born last year (one of those births that give you nightmares for years after) and I really could not have coped without ADs. I'm still on them - have tried to get off but didn't do so well. I know what it feels like to have your brain turn all foggy from stress, it's really awful. I hope you feel better very very soon and that your situation, whatever it is, improves.

If you need some cheerful random chat to take your mind off things, CMOT (who also posted on your thread) and I hang out in The Tea Room. It's a lovely group of people, newcomers are welcome and we just started the 9th thread. It's in the One Child topic but don't let that put you off, several of us have more than one.

More ((((((((((((HUGS))))))))) to you - feel better soon!!

HoneyNutLoop Fri 19-Jun-09 02:01:06

Jacksmama....thanks for the invitation for a virtual cup of tea...I hope you have carrot cake on the menu! I will try and pop over but i sense that I'm going to hibernate for a while...please don't be offended if it takes me a few weeks to show myself...dodgy internet doesnt help my case!
Thanks again to you and all the other lovely ladies who've offered advice!

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