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st johns wort and the pill

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fernzmal Wed 11-May-05 04:15:44

was thinking of trying st johns wort but heard it interferes with the pill. is this true? what do you do then? use condoms?is st johns wort very effective tho? what does it do/

malibustacey Wed 11-May-05 05:39:51

Hi Fernzmalnot sure what st johns wort does think its something to do with sorting chemical inbalances out, i tried them last year but my depression was too far gone so had to resort to doctors and went on something called cypramil, didnt become addicted and 6 months later feel so much better!! Good luck MS

happymerryberries Wed 11-May-05 08:15:06

St Johns wort inteferes with the enzymes that are present in your body that break down the contents of the pill. they make the enzymes work faster and therfore reduce its effect. people have become pregnant this way. It isn't something that you become 'used to' so you would have to use additional contraception al the time you used SJW.

It also affects other drugs, such as anti epileptic drugs and may trigger seizures in susceptable people (happened to a mate of mine).

Just because it is 'natural' it doesn't make is 'safe'

flamesparrow Wed 11-May-05 08:18:32

I was pretty much gonna say what HMB said...

Psychomum fell pregnant while on SJW.

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