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Difference between Prozac and Citalopram?

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wheresclaire Thu 11-Jun-09 22:10:50

Been taking Prozac for 6 months. Feel great in myself, but very drousy and sick all the time. My GP has changed me to Citalopram as I was reacting badly to the "sedative" in Prozac. But is it as good? I am at such a good "level" now, I would hate to mess it up by changing tablets.

wilderduck Thu 11-Jun-09 22:48:52

wheresclaire - Citalpram is almost certainly as good and with any luck the side effects will be less. If you're unlucky and the benefits are not as good as Prozac at keeping you well, you will be able to go back to Prozac or try something else. Alternatively, when you're feeling well enough, a range of alternatives to medication like CBT or the recently proven mindfulness-based cognitive group therapy can be used to support gradual reduction in medication. Of course, check this out with your own GP smile

Good luck, all the best.

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