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esperal - anyone taken drugs to help stop drinking

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idrinktoomuch Thu 11-Jun-09 00:02:23

I saw doc today as think my drinking is getting a bit out of control. I have to drink every day and usually drink at least a bottle, sometimes another glass, of wine a day. it is unimaginable for me not to have a drink. Doc has prescribed something called esperal along with an anti anxiety to take about 4pm to calm me down before urge really kicks in. The big thing with esperal is the side effects if I do drink. Anyone any experience of this drug as cautious to take it but know I need to do something.

also need to not drink for 25 hrs before starting medicine which is going to be hard too.

llareggub Thu 11-Jun-09 00:34:39

Can you get yourself to an AA meeting? I've no experience of the drug but DH took something when he quit drinking.

Make sure that you've got something sugary to eat and drink, it will help. Please go to AA. It saved my DH and he has been sober for over 2 years now.

Were you honest with the dr about your alcohol intake? It is very important to be honest as it can be dangerous to go cold turkey.

llareggub Thu 11-Jun-09 00:35:15

And well done for admitting that you have a problem. You can do it!

MIFLAW Thu 11-Jun-09 00:43:40

Fully endorse what llareggub says.

Am a grateful recovering alcoholic.

idrinktoomuch Thu 11-Jun-09 00:46:30

yes I was honest and thanks for acknowledging admitting problem thing. She doesn't think I am alcholic as such but a dependent drinker. AA doesn't exist where I am. I was already thinking of stocking up on alchol free drinks and treats as plan to not drink at all sunday and start meds on Monday. Am saving huge pile of ironing to distract me on Sunday night and may start knitting again. Was your hubbie OK on the medicine? Will I ever be able to have one glass again?

MIFLAW Thu 11-Jun-09 00:59:36

"AA doesn't exist where I am." Unless you are in the UAE or China I think you will probably find it does.

You might have to travel a few miles to get there, but then, you'd travel that far to the off licence if needs be, surely?

idrinktoomuch Thu 11-Jun-09 01:07:54

well I am not in my home country and feel I do not have language skills to do something like AA here. Off licences do not exist here though either! My doc did not mention anything about AA either. I do not feel I am alcholic but just very dependent and use drink to mask/hide other unhapppiness. But can not sort out other problems until I can get sober long enough iyswim.

MIFLAW Thu 11-Jun-09 01:12:43

If you are interested in AA, you will find that most countries have English-speaking meetings, often run and frequented by ex-pats and/or tourists who belonged to AA back in their home countries. These tend to be entirely spearate from the local language meetings, so that sometimes it's as if there's two organisations in one country.

If, alternatively, you mean yo are not a native English speaker and living in the UK;

1) your English seems more than adequate
2) some big cities have foreign language meetings

If you are interested in any of this and want to give me some idea of where you are I can help.

llareggub Thu 11-Jun-09 07:56:59

Funny, DH's doctor said the same about being a dependent drinker. I don't think there is any such thing, and the AA will help you see that.

No, DH will not and should not just have a glass of wine. In fact, he was first seen by a counselling service who advocated a return to social drinking. There is no such thing for someone who is an alcoholic. One drink leads to another, and another and for DH, being "allowed" one drink would be the long slippery slope back to the bad old days.

He gave all sorts of excuses initially about not going to AA. Most people do I think. But there is a group out there for you, I bet.

llareggub Fri 12-Jun-09 06:36:09

How are you doing?

idrinktoomuch Fri 12-Jun-09 08:13:19

well I didn't drink at all last night so feeling pretty good. I did not take the tablets the doc gave me but I did take the anti anxiety tablets he prescribed to take about and hour before the 'I need a drink' cravings hit. Made me feel quite zen and calm and distracted myself with housey things. Feel a lot better this morning - always thought the drink didn't make a difference to me in the mornings but feel more'normal' this morning. Feel have made a start in right direction at least. Thanks for asking.

llareggub Fri 12-Jun-09 23:20:39

Well done. As they say, one drink at a time, one day at a time. I know we've discussed this before, but a meeting would help. How are things today?

mimosa123 Sat 04-Oct-14 14:44:33

Hi, I have been taking Esperal for two months and feel like having a drink. I heard that I need to stop 3 days prior to having one. is it safe?

PhilaAddictionCenter Fri 10-Mar-17 19:06:43

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