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Thankyou to the ladies who helped me

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Pilki Tue 09-Jun-09 10:27:12

Just wanted to say a massive thankyou to the ladies that replied to my thread about PND.
I feel so much better now and so much more like me again. I am also besotted with my DD.

I am seeing my health visitor every week and we have about an hour of just chatting and talking through how I am feeling etc!!!

But without you ladies I don't think i would have had the courage to speak to her about how I was feeling!!

So thank you soo much!! I just wanted to pop back on and let you know that things are much better now xx

ReneRusso Tue 09-Jun-09 13:21:36

Pilki I'm so pleased for you. you were so right to get help and nip the PND in the bud early on. best wishes to you and your lovely DD

nametaken Tue 09-Jun-09 23:49:05

I didn't see your original thread but just wanted to say how thoughtful it was of you to post this one.

Glad things are better.

Pilki Wed 10-Jun-09 11:19:34

Things are so much better, and I think a lot of it is to do with the help and support I recieved on here, as it gave me the confidence to approach my health visitor xxx

So anybody else going through the same thing, don't feel isolated and alone and definately try and and see someone to chat about how you feel xx

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