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whats wrong with me?

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unravelling Mon 08-Jun-09 15:27:34

for a couple of weeks now I've been feeling scared and anxious, you know that feeling in your stomach when something makes you jump? like that but all the time. Can't eat, can't sleep properly, I'm getting so that I'm scared to answer the phone or the door so I'm hiding in my house with the blinds down, windows shut etc.

I've had depression on and off for several years but not been on any medication for a year or so for that but was on citalopram which I didn't find particularly helpful, and I've been reasonably ok til now.

I know I need to see someone but I'm scared that they'll lock me away or something

tutu100 Mon 08-Jun-09 15:31:37

You won't get locked away! I have panic attacks which are very bad at the moment. I am feeling very like you in that I just feel constantly edgy and anxious, I hate the phone ringing and get worried that someone may knock the door.

I'm recieving some treatment but haven't started taking any medication yet. Years ago I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

Please ring your GP and take it from there, but you aren't alone in how you feel.

georgiemum Mon 08-Jun-09 15:32:12

You are not going mad. It sounds like agorophobia. Is there something tangible that is making you anxious?

Make an appointment to see your doctor (see if anyone will go with you to make sure that you go). You won't be locked up. You will get help.

bigchris Mon 08-Jun-09 15:33:22

how are you managing with the kids if you are stuck in doors all day with the blinds down?
do you have some help?
sounds like you need to ring your gp asap for your children's sake (that usually spurs me into action when I think of them)

unravelling Mon 08-Jun-09 15:40:47

thanks all, my kids live away so they arent an immediate issue, there's just me and i don't know why this is happening. It feels as tho there is someone constantly watching my house and comings and goings.

I am a regular but namechanged cos i feel like a twat for being like this

unravelling Sat 13-Jun-09 09:15:46

I saw gp last night and have been given citalopram and betablockers to be reviewed in a month

dr was a T2 or something (she introduced herself as that) and didn't seem particularly happy to be there, which made it harder to talk to her.

Will see what happens with these meds and go from there

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