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Swollen glands worry, I went back to the GP for me

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LightShinesInTheDarkness Fri 05-Jun-09 10:58:31

I have been suffering with crippling health anxiety about my DD10, who has a swollen gland in her neck (thread here).

In the end, I made an appointment for myself to see the GP to confess my fears and see what help can be give. I explained my anxiety about DD, and the effect it has had - checking her all the time, fear she has leukaemia or cancer and is going to die, not sleeping or eating etc etc.

I suppose I just wanted the GP to tell me she will be fine. But of course she didn't. She said the chances are a bit like winning the lottery - it happens to someone every day, but not me. She suggested I increase my dose of anti-d's while DD still has the swollen gland, and while they 'do what they have to do' to investigate it.

Meanwhile, she got me to fill in a depression questionnaire and is referring me to the mental health team for an assessment. The waiting list for CBT is huge, apparently.

So, I am not any further forward and all my fears about DD have re-sufaced, just when I was beginning to calm down.

rasputin Fri 05-Jun-09 16:21:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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