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I have been referred to the Community Mental Health Teams

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whitecloud Fri 05-Jun-09 09:55:38

Has anyone had experience of Community Mental Health teams? I have to go for an assessment next week and am feeling very nervous. Would like to know what to expect and what kind of help they can give. My depression has got much worse recently and am feeling very isolated. Have lost my mother and father within a year of each other and had to give up a stressful job. Any advice would be welcome. Thank you.

Cosmosis Fri 05-Jun-09 12:10:10

I have been referred to them as well, I am waiting for my appointment, which should be sometime at the end of the month.

We will have to support each other through it

I'm sorry to hear about losing your parents so close together, that must be very hard to cope with.

ladylush Sat 06-Jun-09 20:07:13

Whitecloud sad to hear of your double bereavement. When you go to your appt. at the CMHT you will either be seen by a duty worker (who will be either a nurse, social worker or occupational therapist)or a doctor. They will assess your mental state, in particular paying attention to any risk factors. They will review your medication (if you are on any) or consider prescribing some. They may also offer you psychological treatments. It's nothing to worry about. Lots of people are referred to CMHTs - from all walks of life. I hope you find it supportive smile

ladylush Sat 06-Jun-09 20:08:38

I would also advise that you are as honest as possible as holding stuff back means you don't get as much out of your assessment.

whitecloud Tue 09-Jun-09 09:54:04

Cosmosis - I spoke to a social worker. He was very supportive and assured me I was not the only one. Have been feeling very very low, suicidal - he is going to ring me tomorrow after they've had their weekly case conference. Sorry you are having to wait so long for your appointment. Hope you will find it helpful, as I did. Ladylush - thanks for words of advice. I was honest - think they are going to review my medication as it doesn't seem to be helping very much. Have just had pneumonia, which really made me low and a lot less able to cope.

Cosmosis Tue 09-Jun-09 14:30:16

Glad it went ok Whitecloud, I hope it is the start of good things for you.

ladylush Wed 10-Jun-09 19:25:56

Whitecloud - glad it went ok and that you found it helpful. Hope the change in meds helps smile

SM13 Mon 15-Jun-09 13:55:45

Hi whitecloud

I was referred to the mental health team as I mentioned to the Doctor that I had just paid £45 for an hour with a therapist preivately. He mentioned that you can get this help on the NHS.

I have been going for 3 weeks to a CBT therapist who is great. very supportive. I have a few issues in my childhood which after the CBT therapy he will address with a different kind of counselling.

I have also had a referral to a local therapy clinic that will do reflexology, massage, accupuncture !

They seem to know a lot more than the Doctor who lets face it only sees you for about 15 mins!

Good Luck

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