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CBT who has had it ?

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lulu41 Thu 04-Jun-09 13:53:37

I have just had my 5th session - I understand it but am having really problems putting it into practice - yesterday after my session there was a row at home and I was actualy worse than ever anxiety wise - I stayed awake all night turning over in my head rather than "letting it go and not thinking it was the end of the world" - I was also beating myself for not doing my CBT right - any advice from people who have used CBT and have managed to help themselves?

LovelyDear Fri 05-Jun-09 00:34:36

i had it but it didn't really help me. my therapist suggested that i should go with my psychiatrist's recommendaton of trying ADs, and that transformed me. When i foolishly stopped them (without consulting anyone) and went back to square minus one, my gp referred me to a hypnotherapist. His technique is suiting me much better. I totally get him. Anyway i'm saying try something else - it might be a personal thing, or it might be that cBT isn't right for your problem. shop around!

lulu41 Fri 05-Jun-09 08:05:51

I am on ADs already I only have 2 sessions left anyway so will go with it and try a bit harder to put into practice - problem is this is on the NHS and I cant afford anything privately - maybe I am expecting too much too soon - any advice anyone who has had CBT would gratefully received


FuriousGeorge Thu 18-Jun-09 23:48:24

I've been undergoing CBT for the past 12 months with no improvement.We've tried several different strategies,but nothing works.I've gotten to the stage where I'm anxious because I've failed-after all CBT is meant to be very effective and I've worked so hard at all the exercises ect.Previously I've tried hypnotherapy,NLP and AD's ,all of which don't seem to help,TBH I'm so fed up with failing at all these treatments,that I just want to say 'sod it,I'll just live with anxiety & depression'.

So,sorry,I haven't had success with CBT,but you aren't on your own if you are struggling with it.I hope it does work for you though.

Lovelydear-thanks for your message,it made me feel better that CBT isn't the magic cure for everyone.

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