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Not my happiest!

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mememum Sun 08-May-05 22:44:54

Not feeling my happiest. DH is working away at the moment so alone with dd(23mths) and dd2(9weeks). MIL came over and offered to take DD1 off my hands for the night to give me a break. Packed her a bag and went to give her a kiss goodbye and she said no. DD1 doesn't seem happy with me at the moment especially when I'm breastfeeding DD2. MIL made comments saying how unhappy she seems and how it might be for the best if she took her in days so at least she gets some attention. She has just text me to say she is settled for night and she has her happy grand daughter returned and she hasn't asked for me once. Not what I wanted to hear but what to do?

singyswife Sun 08-May-05 22:52:40

Oh poor you. I have two DD so know what it is like. When DD2 is asleep just make a big fuss of DD1. Even if it is only sitting her on the bunker in the kitchen while you do the dishes. Just chat to her. I know this sounds obvious but praise her a lot. Oh good girl for sitting there, that kind of crap. It is very hard to juggle two especially when BF (I had DH so don't know how would have been without him). Can you get MIL to come and stay with you rather than letting her take DD1. Then Grannie can do all the practicle rubbish for DD2 and give you some time with DD1. Should speak to MIL about being so tactless though. You are doing a wonderful job and DD1 knows that you still love her. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT!!! This will pass and it will get easier!!!!!!

mememum Sun 08-May-05 23:07:24

Its good to hear from someone else with two girls!
MIL is childminder so thinks she has authority on child rearing or so she comes across, this also means that DD1 would have to go to her as she has to be at home. In heart of hearts I know DD loves me but it just comes across so differently to me. MIL is a very trying person and this is the last incident in a very long line of them. Think positively though and remember it won't last forever! I hope!

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