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Help, have been prescribed Sertraline but scared, feel so crap

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Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 11-May-09 12:32:42

My GP diagnosed depression 3 weeks ago. She thinks it is mainly PND but there are also other things going on which are making me down and anxious.

Went to see her again on Friday and she's prescribed Sertraline. Was all ready to start taking them last night and then by the time I'd read through the leaflet I just couldn't bring myself to take them. It feels like an admission of failure to start taking them although I know I need to because I can't carry on like this.

I've made another appointment for this pm, I feel like such an idiot.
Can anyone reassure me/kick me up the bum?

ouchitreallyhurts Mon 11-May-09 14:02:58

I took sertraline - I'm fully recovered from PND now I know its hard to start taking meds and you have to feel comfortable in taking them too. Is it the leaflet (side effects?) that's scaring you?

I remember refusing meds with my first bout of pnd for the very same reason (admission of failure) and I felt that by taking them I was admitting that I was 'ill' whereas if I didn't then perhaps it would all blow away - it didnt'.

have you asked for counsellign or talking therapies to help with the other issues?

ouchitreallyhurts Mon 11-May-09 14:04:02

just re-read that - really didnt' mean to come across smug as a recovered pnd sufferer blush was trying to say that the sertralien helped me and could help you too!

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 11-May-09 16:02:09

No you didn't come across as smug at all, it's very reassuring to here that people do successfully come out the other side, thank you

I've just come back from the GP and she was very understanding. We talked through some of the side effects too which helped, as they did make me a bit nervous.
I am going to start them tonight, I've really struggled today and I think that DS has picked up on it because he's been much clingier than usual, and I don't want this to affect him.

The other stuff is more immediate really, worries about DH's job, me going back to work etc so not really issues as such IYKWIM?

ouchitreallyhurts Mon 11-May-09 16:59:12

If it helps I found that nausea only lasted a matter of days and it was easier if I ate somethign before taking the tablet - i also felt a little drowsier come late afternoon on them but ONLY for a few days. if you are tkeing them in the evening you should hopefully sleep through these things anyway

The other stuff is enough to make you feel more stressed though, I can see your concerns.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Tue 12-May-09 17:46:17

Ouch I just wanted to say thank you, I took my first tablet last night and although it won't have done anything yet, I feel better for having taken the step.

ouchitreallyhurts Wed 13-May-09 07:04:24

well done Alibaba Its not an easy step but you've done it now so hopefully it won't be long before you start to feel so much better.
take care xx

Cranberry Wed 13-May-09 09:42:36

Alibaba just wanted to say I started Sertraline just over 2 weeks ago, I have been on them before and they worked wonders last time.
I have to be honest and say the first week was horrendous, I had multiple side-effects on top of feeling physically unwell too however I'm now into the 3rd week and still have a way to go but the panic I was suffering has subsided and things are starting to settle, just feel a bit dizzy still.
If your worried about anything please just ask and I'll try and reassure you, I think it's a case of feeling worse before we feel better.
Good luck x

LissyGlitter Wed 13-May-09 17:10:28

I've been on sertraline since my dd was 4 months old and I think they worked to a point. I was pretty severely ill though and ended up on various other meds as well. I've only just come off everything as I'm pregnant and was throwing the tablets up every time so there was no point, but I would recommend trying drugs, you can always try another type if these don't suit you.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Wed 13-May-09 23:20:43

Thanks for sharing Lissy and Cranberry

Fingers crossed I don't seem to be suffering too many side effects from them except they make me very sleepy immediately afterwards so I am taking right before sleep, and I've got quite a dry mouth. We'll see what the next few days bring.

squintytiger Thu 04-Jun-09 16:19:01

Hey there Alibaba. I was just wondering how you're getting on? Am planning on taking my first Sertraline tablet tonight and bricking it...! Hope you are okay! x

welshmoomin Fri 05-Jun-09 09:22:02

Well done for taking the huge step Alibaba. I've been taking ADs for just under two weeks (also for PND) so I know how scary it is to take that first leap of faith.

I can't believe how quickly it's starting to help me. After just one week, my sense of humor has come back, I've stopped talking through gritted teeth and thinking my poor DH is the most annoying thing on the planet (bless his heart). I am finally starting to see the old me come through and am falling in love with my 2 DSs all over again. My only regret is that I didn't start taking them sooner instead of suffering for so long.

High five to you for being brave enough to get yourself better.

GoodWitchGlinda Fri 05-Jun-09 09:29:21

Anti-depressants are often used just for a few months to 'reset' your brain chemistry, and after that you may not need them any more. It isn't an admission of defeat, it is just taking a bit of medicine to fix a temporary problem, like taking lemsip for a cold.

Remember though, that anti-deps take about 4 weeks to accumulate in your system to work properly, and you may feel a little off colour while this happens.

Also remember not to suddenly stop taking them, as they also take a little time to work out of your system. Your GP will probably gradually reduce the dose when it is time for you to come off them, so if you want to stop taking them for any reason, make sure you talk to your doc instead of just stopping suddenly.

Hope they help you - sure they will. There are lots of different types, though, so talk to your doc if you don't think they are right for you after a few weeks.

welshmoomin Fri 05-Jun-09 10:03:15

Sorry Alibaba, Goodwitch is so right in what she is saying, you may not feel as good as me so soon. I guess I am just lucky and wanted to shout about it but I was warned by the GP not to expect miracles and that it would take much longer for it to take effect than I have found so think I must be the exception and not the rule. Hope you feel better soon.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Wed 10-Jun-09 10:55:16

Just a little update. I've been taking them for a month now and feel so muuch better I can't believe it. I will continue to take them for at least 6 months, but I would start them again like a shot if I felt I was going downhill again.

Thanks for the support, it really helped

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