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didnt think May would be this bad

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tigerfairy Mon 25-Apr-05 18:11:10

Why is it that when one thing goes wrong it seems like everything else does too?

1) My eldest dd and my ds both have their sats at school so expected a bad month.
13 year old is a nightmare as expected but refuses to do any revision without another fight.
plus its her time of month so that makes her really evil.

2) Had huge row with husband on Saturday. He brought up the past to which i did something im not proud of but thought things were healing,flung a footstool across the floor at me, and told me he should have left me ages ago.

3)Calmly spoke to eldest dd about a detention she had at school as teacher had rang me about her attitude and she shouted to me to shut up, its none of my business. when i said she wasn't listening and tried to put my point across she told me 'dad's right, you do go on' and slammed her bedroom door. At which point I went downstairs and burst into tears.

I know I go on a bit sometimes, but I was calm and didn't shout. I have this thing about not talking over people as I think its rude, so expect people to hear me out when I say something and not shout over me.

It probably doesnt seem alot to cry about, but to be told that by my husband, then my dd, its just too much. Ds just keeps out of things and I get hardly any support from husband especially now as we are not talking. but Sometimes I think I would just like to leave with my youngest dd who's so perfect at the moment. I just hope I havent got it all to come with her one day. Sorry to go on Don't know why im telling you this really, but just wanted some sympathy I guess.

connyflower Mon 25-Apr-05 18:15:29

hey sending you hugs!
hope your ok!

tigerfairy Mon 25-Apr-05 18:23:05

Thankyou connyflower. Can't even remember what month it is either. its only april not may. Beginning to think maybe it is me. Just feeling really down in the dumps.

ETsmum Mon 25-Apr-05 19:40:39

Hugs and sympathy to you. What have I let myselfe in for though, ds is only 21 months.....terrible teems seem so far off. But I remember being HORRID to my mum and we get a long great now. Really hope things calm down for you.....

tigerfairy Tue 26-Apr-05 22:50:06

Thanks ETsmum, was feeling a bit sorry for myself yesterday. Am feeling much better today as I thought why should I let everyone else get me down. hubby and I are on speaking terms (just) and dd has cheered up and even gave me a hug after boyfriend helped with her homework. She can be lovely sometimes!

moondog Tue 26-Apr-05 23:00:06

Poor you tigerfairy!!
We all have shite days like that.
Glad you're feeling better!!
Think long lovely light warm days-that will cheer you all up.

ETsmum Wed 27-Apr-05 07:32:06

Hi tigerfairy. Just to say hope today is another good one for you

tigerfairy Wed 27-Apr-05 20:04:36

thanks you two. feeling ok now and much happier. we are going away in the caravan at the weekend so should be a good thing. Just hope things improve with hubby by then, fingers crossed.

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