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New member overwhelmed

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Mhamai Sun 24-Apr-05 18:39:05


Hello fellow mn's I'm in counselling and have decided to come off antidepressants, little or no support from doctor, housework has got on top of me, feel like I'm fighting uphill battle, cant stay on long as the house will implode if I dont do some work, any words of encouragement would be a great help.

ebbie22 Sun 24-Apr-05 18:40:37

Turn off the computer{grin}

Mhamai Sun 24-Apr-05 18:51:56

Since finding this site its like I have hope but even if I overcome the dp I feel Im gonna become addicted to Mn

SenoraPostrophe Sun 24-Apr-05 18:52:55

Just do the big housework bits - major tidying, floors (white moppable ones anyway), kitchen. Then you get a better sense of something done. Don't feel bad if it doesn't all get done.

hope the counselling goes well.

Mhamai Sun 24-Apr-05 18:57:55

Thanks, I suppose I've a lot to be graetful for, it's ironic I'm training to be a counsellor and its brought up lots of stuff from the past but mostly happy to be where I am, lone parent too, so sometimes its hard being hans sole

Lonelymum Sun 24-Apr-05 18:59:25

If you can open up about your problems on Mumsnet, you will find loads of support here. I have found it useful for being a place where I can talk about things I would not be able to mention to anyone in real life. Don't worry too much about the housework: the house won't implode!

Mhamai Sun 24-Apr-05 19:08:30

thanks lonelymum Im 37 and have been suffering with dp on and off since 13. I'm at the end of my first yr in training. Have only started counselling for myself but have come to the conclusion ads were making me worse. Cant believe am so good at fooling people, can hold down a conversation but feel like I'm going crazy

Lonelymum Sun 24-Apr-05 19:09:34

How many children do you have? What age are they?

Mhamai Sun 24-Apr-05 19:13:13

Sorry lonelymum new to this so a bit slow I have a dd 18 and a ds four how bout u?

Mhamai Sun 24-Apr-05 19:19:41

Anyway thanks everyone for msgs of support will check back later or maybe meet some of u on other threads, have only joined so a bit confused bout how things work round here can u imagine how my life is!

Lonelymum Sun 24-Apr-05 19:21:36

Wow what an age gap! So you have teenage and toddler tantrums to deal with at the same time. That can't be easy.

Mine are 8, 7, 5, and 2. Three boys and a girl (the 5 yo is the girl).

I should ask you about your depression but I am not very good at this.

Mhamai Sun 24-Apr-05 19:30:54

come on lonelymum hats off to you, you have four under ten! Dont have to ask me much bout the depression, know enough to write a book, sometimes the biggest healer is just a simple msg from someone else who understands or can listen

Lonelymum Sun 24-Apr-05 19:37:07

Well, I have suffered abit over the years but never enough to get counselling or medication. It is hard to imagine how you carry on when you reach rock bottom. Have you been a lone parent for long and has that made things better or worse for you?

Mhamai Sun 24-Apr-05 19:39:04

Anyway really better go now! feel much much better, special thanks to u lonelymum, hope I meet you agaim on this or other threads

Lonelymum Sun 24-Apr-05 19:40:26

Come back soon! Off to wash dd's hair now (oh joy!)

Mhamai Sun 24-Apr-05 19:43:38

Have been a lone parent as in havent been with their dd's but have been in relationships, not in one now, have to say counselling is going well, counsellor says I know my past and pain inside out so its not to go back but to go forward and discover who I need to be today, so while I'm hopefull, I'm still scared and a bit overwhelmed but hey one day at a time!

Mhamai Sun 24-Apr-05 19:47:02

thanks lonelymum enjoy the hair washing!

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