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DP in New Zealand, Lonly and want to chat

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tiggerintum Fri 22-Apr-05 23:27:26

DP is in new zealand, so I am watching music channels very lonly and want someone to chat to..............

MarsLady Fri 22-Apr-05 23:33:34

hi honey. how long until tigger is out of tum?

tiggerintum Fri 22-Apr-05 23:37:51

I'm 27 wks so another 13 wks to go, yawn! fed up with being Pregnant now, & fed up with being alone, he only went on Wednesday!! Sad I know. How many Children do you have?

MarsLady Fri 22-Apr-05 23:39:08

5! DS1 12, DD1 10, DD2 6, DTs(g/b) 14 months.

How long is he gone for?

tiggerintum Fri 22-Apr-05 23:41:29

He will be back tuesday after mayday, Was going to go but not good idea with baby. You have a little tribe going there. where are you from? Are you married?

MarsLady Fri 22-Apr-05 23:42:35

N London, married 14.5years. And me a young whippersnapper lol. You?

tiggerintum Fri 22-Apr-05 23:45:51

I live in the New forest in hampshire. been with DP for 14mths, baby was NOT planned he has three children already, but this is my first. He is also 23 years my senior but I love him very much and we do plan to get married next year (we'll see how much I weigh post baby!!!)

MarsLady Fri 22-Apr-05 23:46:44

are you happy about tigger?

tiggerintum Fri 22-Apr-05 23:48:53

Getting used to the idea, love baby very much but can't help thinking sometimes that I would rather've had a bit more time with dp beforehand. especially when hes so far away never been apart this long since we start seeing each other

MarsLady Fri 22-Apr-05 23:50:19

tigger will bring a whole new dimension to your relationship. So, what are you going to do with your time whilst DP is away?

tiggerintum Fri 22-Apr-05 23:53:16

My mum recently had a knee op, and have been looking after her mostly, she is getting her mobility back now, House is a tip so I ought to tidy up. I don't really know what to do with myself! lol

MarsLady Sat 23-Apr-05 00:01:23

You need to get out a bit with the girlies whilst he's away. Got any?

tiggerintum Sat 23-Apr-05 00:05:07

Not any prgnt or baby friendly ones. Dont know anyone else near me that in a remotely similar situation. there are girlies in our local pub (live in a village) who are all very friendly but I cant talk prgncy stuff with them, hey ask how I feel and how much tigger is moving but thats where the conversation ends. I feel like being pregnant is taking over my entire life.

MarsLady Sat 23-Apr-05 00:06:49

yeah it kinda does. Hmmmmmmmmmm.... you'll just have to become completely addicted to mumsnet like the rest of us then. lol How long have you been on mumsnet? I don't mean tonight cheeky lol

tiggerintum Sat 23-Apr-05 00:08:35

Auw one of our fave songs came on telly (so sad) about two/three months but not very regular, usually cudling on the sofa

MarsLady Sat 23-Apr-05 00:09:21

so we have you whilst he's away then?

tiggerintum Sat 23-Apr-05 00:12:37

Something like that although I have been reading the 'mums on Pregnancy' book so I feel like I know some of you already, I'm up to birth preparation at the moment. which is good because I think midwife wants to dicuss it on thursday as DP wont be there, I dont think she likes him coming with me all the time, I just dont like going by myself. Have you decided if you want anymore children or are the twins the last?

MarsLady Sat 23-Apr-05 00:17:46

more kids? Are you mad woman? Don't you think that 5 is enough?

Careful about the time that you spend on here, you may soon find that you can't stay away. lol

tiggerintum Sat 23-Apr-05 00:21:20

I dont pay the phone bill!! Some people want lots and lots of kids. I would love four eventually but DP already has his three and says two's my limit and thats only so that tigger isn't lonly. Dont get me wrong, his kids are great but they're not ours if they didn't have mums I guess it would be different. Since I've been pregnant I've been getting very hung up about the way they behanve in our house and stuff, I have turned into the wicked step mother to be!!!

MarsLady Sat 23-Apr-05 00:25:13

take lots of deep breaths and remember that sadly tigger won't be a complete angel. lol. There are lots of step parents on this site so you can always ask for advice etc.

I'm glad that DP said that you can have 2. Maybe you should do like me and have twins. That'd surprise him. Of course twins are a lot of work. I do love having them though, but blimey I am forever running around after them.

I need to go to bed. They are finally asleep and I should as well.

Nite honey. Hope to see you posting soon. Rest as much as you can.

tiggerintum Sat 23-Apr-05 00:27:07

Thanks for talking to me & cheering me up, you prob will see me posting over the weekend. I ought to think about going to bed tooo. Night

MarsLady Sat 23-Apr-05 00:29:03

that's alright doll. Sleep tight. DT1 has just woken again

feelingold Sat 23-Apr-05 17:02:38

Hi tiggerintum - my dh is away at the moment as well, and I am at home with dd and ds. I'm ok during the day cos we can go out, or I can go out when they are at school, but like you I find the evenings very lonely once kids are in bed.
I tend to watch telly until late, then go to bed and read until I am so tired I just fall to sleep.
Make the most of the time you have before baby is born, pamper yourself while you can cos you won't have time when the little one arrives.

Lonelymum Sat 23-Apr-05 17:13:48

It's rotten being on your own, isn't it? My dh was away all last week and isn't here now (although this time he is only gone for a day and has taken the two youngest with him, so not all bad). The older two are playing out so I have time to chat on Mumsnet, but after my week alone, I feel I would rather have dh here. Oh well.

feelingold Sat 23-Apr-05 18:03:04

To make matters worse, ds who is only 4 keeps bursting into tears cos he misses his dad and won't speak to him when he phones up. we all hate it when he is away and really miss him and I get really bored, also don't like taking the kids out at weekends cos everywhere is full of families (mum, dad and kids) and it makes me feel odd.

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